How To Plan Your Garage

Whether you are looking to build a new garage, buy a new house with a garage, or just better organize the one you already have, there are some key things to keep in mind such as your vehicles and garage type. You will also want to know any space limits you have and what storage areas you are working with. The more of a plan you can put down on paper before you get started, the easier it will be to get everything where it needs to go.

Your Cars

The cars you own, or want to buy, will have an impact on the size of your garage, your garage type and even what your storage areas will look like. When buying new cars, you can compare cars side-by-side online to see many different features including the size of the vehicles and how they will fit in your space. When you are drawing out your organizational plans for your space, you can put the vehicles in their stalls on the paper with accurate dimensions for better results. It is a good idea to plan out room for the doors to open and to safely pull in and back out.

Your Garage Type

There are several different types of garages and the one you have will impact what you are able to do with it. For instance, if you have an apartment garage, then you can store cars and items as well as have space above or to the side to rent out. Most homes have a standard garage meant for just vehicles, but other types such as a shop or oversized garage can leave you space to store tools, seasonal items and other belongings. You can also have a decorative type of garage like a Colonial which is usually detached and modeled after the architecture of 18th-century Virginia.

Your Space Limits

The space limits can be intimidating when planning out your garage, but it is a good idea to remember that vertical storage is possible. Garages need enough room for the door to rest above the vehicles when open and enough clearance above the door for the motor, this can leave space high on the walls for shelving on either side of the space. Taking accurate measurements of the space with the door both open and closed can give you a good idea for where to place shelves, bike racks and even yard tools. If you are building a new garage, then your space limits will be defined by the lot size and not the building itself. In this case, you can add vertical storage to your plans by putting an apartment or storage room above the space.

Your Storage Areas

Not everything can be stored in your garage and some items are dangerous to have in there. Pet food, for example, can be tempting to keep in the garage and away from pets; but wildlife such as rodents and wild cats in your area will be tempted to come in and eat it. If you must store food, pet or otherwise, in your garage, it is best to get containers for it which block the smell of food and are difficult for animals to get into. The stuff you can safely store in your garage, such as tools and vehicle fluids, will need to be put into your organizational plan to make sure that everything fits. If you already own your garage, then you can put masking or painters’ tape along the walls and floors to help you map out your storage areas.

Planning out your garage space can be relatively easy once you know what garage type you have, or want to purchase, and the things you can store in it. It is a good idea to take measurements of the space and the things you want to put in it like cars, seasonal decorations and toolboxes, so that you have an accurate idea of what is realistic in your plan.

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