How to Make Your House Guests Feel at Home

If you’ve got friends and family members coming into town for a holiday, vacation or special event, spare them the cost of residing at a local hotel by allowing them to stay in your house. Not only will they be able to save money, but you’ll also have plenty of time to spend time together and make heartwarming memories. Ensure their visit is a memorable one by preparing your home to help them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

Separate Spaces

Ensure your guests feel relaxed by giving them their own space, particularly when they sleep. Instead of stowing them on couches or inflatable mattresses on the living room floor, try to give them the utmost privacy. Make the sacrifice of letting them sleep in your family’s beds while you camp out on the sofas for the weekend. If you have guests often, consider adding murphy beds to your home that will take up little space throughout the year yet provide a full-sized bed for visitors who want to spend the night in your home. In addition, consider clearing out some closet space where they can store their suitcases and unpack their clothing if the stopover will be a lengthy one.

Plentiful Supplies

If your guests have to constantly ask you for items they need while they’re staying with you, they may begin to feel like nuisances instead of welcomed visitors. Before they arrive, stock up on the essentials that will make their stay a pleasant one. Fill a cupboard or set of baskets with towels, soaps, extra pillows and blankets, hand soaps and toiletries such as shampoos, lotions and shower gel. If they’ll be in town for several days and plan to come and go without you as they check out the local sites, consider giving them a spare key so they won’t have to ring the doorbell each time they return home.

Customized Meals

Make your guests feel special by making them homemade meals that you can enjoy together. If you’ve got other family members in the area, host a potluck and ask them to bring dishes to share. You can also host a neighborhood barbeque if you’ve got several friends on the block that you’d like to introduce to your houseguests. Ask in advance about your visitors’ dietary needs – if they have any allergies or if they follow a vegan diet, for example – so you can offer them food and snacks that they’ll be able to eat.

Ample Entertainment

If you’re unsure what activities your house guests have planned for their visit, consider preparing some ideas in advance. Make a list of local amusement parks, museums, shopping malls and other tourist attractions. If they’re unfamiliar with the area or don’t have a car, consider giving them a gift card to a rideshare service that they can use to get to and from each location. In addition, if you’re searching for ways to entertain your houseguests while they’re home, gather an assortment of board games, books, magazines and a list of streaming services that they can choose from to see a movie or binge watch an acclaimed television series.

Modern Technology

Because your guests will undoubtedly arrive with an assortment of cell phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, video games and video equipment in tow, prepare for the onslaught of equipment. Show your guests where the available outlets are and consider offering them multi-outlet surge protectors so they can charge several devices at the same time. If you have a home entertainment system that they’ll be using while you’re out of the house, show them how the gadgets and remote controls work or even leave them written instructions if the apparatuses are complicated.

Giving your houseguests all of the comforts of home will make them feel fortunate to have a loved one that cares enough to make them feel special. As a bonus for your effort, you may be lucky enough to see them returning the favor when you visit their town.

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