How To Make Your Home More Welcoming With Lighting

If you’d like to achieve a warmer and more inviting feel to your home, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on furniture or remodeling. Creating a cozy ambiance can be easily accomplished with adding to, or changing, your current lighting to make the most of your living space. Here are six illuminating tips on how to make your home more welcoming with just the right lighting.

Go for Safety First

Before embarking on any electrical project, it’s always best to make sure you’re dealing with updated circuit breakersand that none of them are overloaded. If you have too many appliances on any one breaker, its safety mechanism will keep turning it off, or “tripping” it. It’s a good idea to perform a routine check on your breaker box anyway. If you have a breaker that trips more than normal, or find one that won’t reset, it’s best to have it replaced before you get started.

Hang Pendant Bulbs

Hanging fixtures from the ceiling will direct light to the task at hand whether it’s cooking, eating or even doing homework. Dining rooms are usually the place you’ll find a glass hanging chandelier, but now these styles can be found in modern metals, wrought iron and wooden designs. Pick one that really expresses your taste and make it the focal point of the room. A kitchen, in turn, is likely to have many different types of lights and small, colorful pendant lamps illuminate small areas, such as countertops or a breakfast nook.

Install Recessed Lights

The bathroom is another place you’ll find more than one type of light. Brightness is best in this room and can be produced beautifully with silver recessed spotlights. Popular in Europe, these lights have an intense, clean glow and allow you to see well. Don’t forget to mount a spotlight over your shower–no more bathing in the dark! Lamps on either side of your looking glass are also a must for shaving or applying makeup.

Display Turkish Lamps

One of the most striking types of lights you can own are Turkish and Moroccan lamps. These colorful works of art come in many sizes and include hanging lanterns, floor models and sconces. Turkish lamps are crafted with small pieces of glass assembled like a mosaic. They’re definitely a conversation starter and can be used in any room. Hanging Moroccan lanterns look fantastic above your front door. They give the home a medieval look and the light shining through the colored glass makes it look like tiny lights dancing throughout the room.

Make the Outside Sparkle

One of the first places any guests will see a comfortable welcome to your home is outside, so don’t neglect installing some sparkling outdoor lighting. Set the mood with landscaping lights in and around your hedges. Illuminating dark corners looks nice and makes it feel safer. If you have a front area you’d like to showcase, set up one or more spotlights to highlight it. A few ivory colored stringed lights also look wonderful scattered throughout your greenery making everything look shimmering and magical.

Add Nostalgic Pieces

Nostalgic, or sentimental items, usually create a feeling of comfort and a retro lighting piece from the days of old can enhance that sensation. Placing a stained glass Tiffany lamp in a living or dining area is a welcoming beacon of light for all to enjoy. Likewise, the vintage amber glow of an Edison bulb gives off a soft golden hue to just the right space. These bulbs are best on hanging cords, chandeliers and sconces where the entire bulb is visible.

Assess Your Potential

Lighting has the potential to change the entire look of your home without spending a lot of money. Once you inspect your circuits for safety, you can then assess each room for potential types of new lighting. Adding unique and soft-glowing lights will make your home more inviting to guests and comforting to you.

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