How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

If you intend to get a dog it is important that you take some time to make your home pet-friendly. Although it might not seem apparent at first, certain things that one can find in a home and that pose no danger to humans can be quite dangerous to pet dogs.

This is the main reason why, before you bring a pet into your home, you have to make some changes to accommodate the new member of your family.


Cupboard protection

Because dogs like to explore their new environment, they often end up opening the cupboards in your kitchen or bathroom. To prevent them from doing so and, consequently, ingesting foods and chemicals that might cause them harm, it is recommended that you use child proof latches.

Moreover, you should try to store all the cleaners and medications on the high shelves in your home. This way, your pet won’t be able to get to them. The same is true with your food as there is a risk that, when left unsupervised, the pet will eat food that is unsafe for it.


Hide the chewable and breakable items

It comes as no surprise that dogs like to chew and that they often break things easily. To make sure that your prized possessions won’t get destroyed, it is recommended that you keep your most treasured belongings in a safe area that the dog cannot access.

In the case of wires, you should try to eliminate all the wires that are dangling or, at least, to hide them from the pet. This way, it won’t get the chance to chew them and, even more importantly, it won’t trip and get hurt because of them.


Say bye-bye to the carpet

According to many pet owners, not many carpet materials are durable enough to withstand the use and damage caused by pets. Moreover, carpets are prone to catch various odors and they can be difficult to clean. This is the reason why; many dog owners advise in favor of getting rid of carpets if you own a pet such as a dog.

Tile flooring is easier to clean and it is stain and scratch-resistant. Therefore, next time you feed your dog and your beloved pet spills its favorite food, here is a selection of quality food made with salmon and potato, you don’t have to worry about the carpet getting stained.



As a pet owner, you should be aware of the fact that dogs are allergic to some popular plants such as tulips, oleander, yew, ivy, and lilies just to name a few. So, if you love having plants in your home, you should do some research to figure out whether or not they are dangerous for your pet to ingest.

Moreover, if you have ornamental plastic plants in your home, and they are placed in areas that the pet can reach, it is advisable that you move or that you throw them away to prevent the pet from trying to eat them.

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