How to Heat Your Home While Staying Green

It doesn’t really matter where in this world you live; your winter heating costs can be super high and normal common heating solutions are not helping out with trying to save the environment. But don’t despair, there are many good and green ways to heat you home.

Geothermal Heating

Currently, the most environmentally friendly way of heating your home is geothermal heating. But as with any efficient and environmentally friendly options you need to do an upfront investment. This type of heating system means that it is using the consistent temperature of the earth in order to heat your home. Normal heating systems use the outside air, so the colder it is outside the more energy it will be needed to heat up the inside. The geothermal heating system is installed underneath the surface where the temperature is warmer than the temperature of the air outside. That means that it will take less energy to get your home up to the temperature that you feel comfortable at.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is one of the best fossil fuel heating alternatives. But same as geothermal heating, solar heating needs quite an upfront investment, but in the long run, you will be saving money.

If you are not ready for that big of an investment, a cheaper way to do it is by leasing the solar panels but that can end up affecting the value of your home and adding additional expenses each month. Solar panels are not for everybody, just because they can be quite an eyesore. But with these kinds of investments, you have to know that you are saving the environment and money in the long run.

Natural Gas

Natural gas has lower carbon emissions that oil has and it is one of the more economical yet somewhat green options of heating your home. Natural gas is delivered by pipelines and then by smaller underground gas lines right to your house. Because there is a decline of natural gas there is an extraction method that is called fracking. That means that the drillers inject water, chemicals and sand at really high pressure to break through the rock and get more natural gas. The only additional costs that you might have to hire professionals for gas heating repairs.

Pellet Stove

This is also a great budget-friendly option for a more environmentally safe way of heating. Pellet stoves can be found starting from around $1000 and they are much cheaper to install than a traditional wood-burning stove. They are better because you don’t need a chimney for ventilation because it can use any sidewall ventilation that is available. Pellet stoves are more efficient, and a more effective way to use organic waste that you would otherwise just throw away. The only downside is that pellet stoves need electricity to function.

Masonry Heating

Masonry heating is quite similar to a pellet stove. The difference between them is that a masonry heater is much smaller and looks like your traditional fireplace. It traps heat in the bricks and it provides heat for up to 24 hours. While they are burning the wood they are creating less pollution in comparison to wood stoves or pellet stoves. Because it is burning slower it is trapping more heat and that is why they are better than most traditional stoves or fireplaces. Just as any type of heating source there is an upfront investment but nothing close to heating sources that are like geothermal or solar heating. Masonry heaters are specially made and they can be faced with so many materials like bricks, tiles or even natural stone it is all up to personal preference. It is also a great option for families with children and pets as the surface is safe to touch.

Eco-Friendly Space Heaters

If you are looking to keep your costs down and well as begging green, modern space heaters are a great way to go. They have thermostats and timers which make them much safer and practical than old heathers. These are amazing for heating small spaces. If your house is generally warm enough for you but you have some rooms that are just too cold, getting a space heater is perfect for you.


Because this is quite a big decision you need to take some time and think about all the types of heating and then choose which one is the best option for you and your family. Things that you need to consider are how much money you can invest initially, the size of your home and what system you have right now and how you can change it.

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