How To Give Your Garage A New Look


It’s been noted that the problem with space is that while it’s infinite, you can never seem to find enough for all your belongings. If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of not having enough room to do everything you want. However, you most likely have an untapped resource on your property that could be the answer to your prayers. You can transform your house’s garage into the extra space for which you’ve been looking — if you’re willing to make some changes.

Eight out of 10 homes in the United States have garages, and yet fewer people are using them to store their cars. That by itself indicates that these spaces could be so much more. The fact that they’re usually roomy and square makes them the perfect blank canvas for an addition to your home.

There are plenty of concepts that serve as excellent garage conversion plans. For example, you could have the at-home gym you’ve always wanted and never again have to worry about waiting for the elliptical machine. A big blank wall could be a great place for a movie screen to build an at-home theater. For these and many more ideas for making the most of what you already have, take a look at the accompanying infographic.



A garage can be converted to serve a number of functions other than storing a car. Here are 10 ideas.


Home Office

If you run a business out of your house, converting your garage into an office can be a good idea. It will give you a dedicated space to concentrate on work or meet with clients.


Screening Room

A home theater can be a great use for the open floor plan of most garages. Whether you go all-in with movie theater seats and a projector or make it a more traditional media room, you can create a comfortable place to relax and watch what you want.


Game Room

Pingpong tables, pool tables and pinball machines are fun but take a lot of space. Changing your garage into a spot for a little friendly competition means you won’t have to give up your sofa or dining room table for it.



Going to the gym for a workout can be as easy as walking into your garage. You’ll have plenty of space for all of the fitness equipment you want, and you’ll be able to spread out and exercise without worrying about anyone getting in your way.


Craft Room

If you’re having trouble finding the room inside your house to focus on your hobbies, consider this conversion. You can add customized storage for all the supplies and tools you use.

Art Studio

Don’t let your lack of space crush your creative spirit. By turning your garage into a studio, you’ll be able to work on even large-scale works of art in peace and security.



If you like working with your hands, you might already have the perfect space. The best part about this idea is that you don’t need to do a lot of remodeling to the garage. Just arrange your tools the way you want, keep your car outside and you’re all set.


Spare Bedroom

Which would you rather share your home with — your car or your friends and family? If you convert your garage into an extra bedroom, you’ll exchange storage space for an excuse to invite people over to spend more time with you.


In-law Apartment

More families are living with multiple generations under the same roof for various reasons. Having a cozy separate living unit can give your extended family members the privacy and comfort they want.


Depending on the layout of your home, your garage most likely is set off from the rest of the house. This could make it ideal for a quiet reading area that can provide you with a respite from a noisy family.


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