How To Decorate A House With No Money?

Building a house requires a lot of money. Also, decoration requires some money to be spent. What you need to do is make sure that money is being spent on things that you need and you will not later be regretting spending that money. Everyone wants their house to look beautiful. There are many ways in which you can handle the exterior of your home that will not cost you more than your budget. Also, there are handy tricks you can apply to make your interior aesthetically pleasing without going over budget. First, let us discuss what you can do for your exterior to make your house into a home. Then we will be discussing tricks that will help you decorate your home with low-cost options.


Front Wall:

Front wall catches the eye of visitors, so it has to look good. You can improve your front wall in different ways. You can use red-brick walls or rocks to design your front wall. Also, these rocks can resist rain and can give a brighter look to your home’s exterior. You can also use paints to give a classy look to the front walls. Paint is a cost-effective option that you can use to give a new look to front walls.


You can plant young bushes and trees which are quite inexpensive and will beautify your outdoors. You do not have to go to extra lengths of buying outdoor decoration pieces or installing fountains. If you want to add color to your outdoor, you can paint your flower pots. Or you can simply paint the stone lining the flower beds to give your outdoor a splash of rainbow colors.


If you need extra space that every house needs, you can just build a shed instead of adding an extra room to your house. Sheds can be designed to match your house exterior and will give your house a good look. You will have space to store all the stuff which keeps on creating clutter in your home. You can even add windows to the shed and use the extra space for different other purposes. Sheds serve as a multi-purpose space that can be used as storage living space or even a place to park your car. It is a must for any home.


There are many ways in which you can use the books available in your home. You can color coordinate the books. Group them by colors and arrange them by size. This will give them a more attractive outlook. Instead of them just lying haphazardly on a shelf.

You can also do something else with your books, instead of placing them spine showing you can place with their spines facing back. This will work if you have your room painted. Or you wallpapered in earth colors that will give the room a vintage look. You can put artificial plants in front of them on a shelf or put ceramic pots to give a different look.

As Side table:

If you have a lot of books and not enough shelves you can make a pile of thick same sized books and use them as a side-table. Place the pile next to a sofa and put a tray on top. This can give your house a unique look, and it does not require any extra costs.


You do not need vases when you have old wine or beer bottles. You can clean off the labels with a little acetone or ethanol, and you can use them as a holder for indoor plants and flowers. You can plant, water plants like money plant and place the bottle in the kitchen window. Bottles can always serve as flower vases, and there are always plenty of them in multiple colors. So you can color coordinate the bottle vases with the wall colors. This can give a good and colorful outlook to your home.

Bottles as Ornaments:

There is another thing you can do with the bottles, and you can decorate them with beads, crystals, and buttons. You can give the room a funky and modern look when you place bedazzled bottles in odd numbers in a place where the light will reflect off them. They will look like really fancy and creative ornaments. You can also use 3 or 5 bedazzled different sized bottles as a centerpiece for your dining table.

Candle Holders:

You can also cut the bottles in half and use the lower half as a candle holder. It will reflect light more, and also it can hold the wax. Also, these half glass jars containing candles will give your room an old cabin vibe.

Holders and Containers:

Jars or tins you get from food can be used for a lot of things. You can paint your peanut butter jars or tins of canned food in solid colors. Or you can create designs on them and write quotes or words in calligraphy. These reinvented jars and tins can serve as cutlery and stationery holders.


By simply rearranging the furniture in your room, you can change the room’s vibe. If you have a lot of furniture and it is making the room look cluttered, you can pull the furniture closer together. Pull the sofas and tables closer together and leave space around the walls. If you have a center rug or carpet, put the front legs of the furniture on the carpet. It will make the room look bigger. It will also make it easier for you to keep the corners clean and keep the cobwebs from forming.

Polish your Furniture:

If you feel the furniture has lost the shine, you can just use some olive oil and mix it with vinegar and clean the furniture with it. It will clean any stains and return the luster to the wood.

Create a Cozy Nook:

If you have a lot of cushions and small pillows laying around the house, you can collect them all and put them on the sofas or in your bay window to create a cozy corner with mismatched and colorful cushions. It will give the room a cozy and modern look. You can also make cushions out of old sweaters, clothes, and socks. This way you can put the old clothes to use and on the other hand have funky cushions to decorate your room with.

Use the things you already have to decorate the walls:

There are numerous ways you can decorate the walls without it costing you a pretty penny. Take the old photographs you have and put them on string with some clips and hang the string across the walls. It will give the room a vintage look. You can also put greeting cards, holiday and birthday cards or any postcards you have on the strings.

Put your Collectibles to use:

Another way you can brighten up the walls is by hanging your collectibles on them. Many people collect, dishes, plates, that they never use and just store it away in the cupboards. Where it lays for years without anyone ever seeing it. You can put little holders and hooks on the walls and put your rare dishes, pretty vases and cups on display.


There are many other ways you can do to decorate your home and make it look good. You can make the bedrooms cozier with earth colors. You can use cushions and pillows to make your living room cozier and inclusive. For the kitchen, you can use the leftover paint to color the cabinets in bright colors or maybe color each cabinet with a different color. If you do not have enough space to contain all your utensils, you put hooks in horizontals rows on one wall and hang them there according to size and usage.

Decorating a house is not an expensive project rather a project that takes a lot of planning and patience. So, use your creativity to design and decorate your home with no money.

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