How to Choose Materials for Your Doors and Windows?

You are undertaking construction or renovation work and you are wondering which material to choose for your doors and windows? Wood, PVC or aluminum, each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.


This material provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. As its lifespan entirely depends on its quality, take your time to choose the species of wood most appropriate for your doors and windows. Furthermore, wood suits all home styles and matches any interior decoration. Natural and ecological, this material is very aesthetic and decorative, adapting to indoor and outdoor uses. However, wooden structures require regular maintenance to prevent future deterioration. Regarding the price, wood is a little more expensive than other materials due to its rarity.


PVC is an economic material providing sufficiently good thermal insulation and requiring no maintenance. However, it is made up of different chemicals and toxic additives harmful to health and to the environment. It is also less aesthetic than wood and aluminum and is strongly discouraged if you are planning to build an eco-friendly house.


Recyclable and environmentally friendly, aluminum windows last longer! By opting for this material, you will be able to use powder coating to paint your windows to match the color and the style of your home. Sliding, large or small, you have a wide variety of choice when it comes to aluminum windows. Although more expensive than PVC, aluminum remains an affordable material. The real disadvantage of aluminum is its poor thermal insulation. It is advisable to invest in aluminum thermal break if you live in an area with harsh climatic conditions.


PVC is less efficient than aluminum and wood and is harmful to health and to the environment despite a cheaper material. While strong and made to last, the insulating capacities of aluminum is not yet proved. Whether in terms of thermal insulation, environmental protection or aesthetics, wood excels in all areas, but its main disadvantages remain its high cost.

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