How to beautify your house without major renovation?

Of course, the easiest way to make your home more modern and beautiful is to hire a company that will do the job for you. However, besides being the most straightforward way, it is also the messiest and most expensive way. So, when you realize that you currently don’t have the budget for major renovations, you start thinking about some other, inexpensive ways to upgrade your home in order to make it more comfortable and appealing. There are a few simple things you can take into consideration.

1.   Consider the lighting in your home

When thinking about how to beautify your home’s interior without major renovations, it’s essential to reconsider the lighting in your home. Proper lighting does bring a new life to every room. When a room lacks light, it can appear dark, small, and packed, while on the other hand, a well-lit room seems more open, airy, and welcoming. There are many ways you can upgrade the lighting in your home. The simplest way is to buy some table lamps and floor lamps that will bring more light to your rooms. You can even combine several floor lamps and place them in dark corners and table lamps, which you can disperse all over the room. If you feel particularly handy, you can even change up those outdated ceiling light fixtures with some modern, more extravagant choices. It’s something you can do yourself, so it’s fairly inexpensive.

2.   Revise window treatments and curtains

Windows somehow always come last on our redecorating list. And they shouldn’t, as they make up a big part of every room in our home. People tend to leave windows bare, or they just put up some simple blinds to protect their privacy. Dressing up your windows is a whole other level of decorating! By dressing up your windows, you can show off your style and taste. The options concerning the curtains are countless – you can choose from geometric curtain panels, beachy with gauzy white sheers to minimalist with bamboo shades, and many more. And as far as the colors are concerned, you should take into consideration the overall colors of the room in question as well as the prevailing patterns and match the curtains accordingly.

3.   Update area rugs and carpets

Another way to instantly lift your home’s looks is to change or install new area rugs or carpets. They can completely change the looks and vibes of a room! This is especially true if you try to match your area rug with the colors already present in the room. Make sure to choose a quality natural fiber rug that is durable and soiling-resistant. You can assure your carpet is also a natural humidifier by choosing and installing wool carpets. Wool carpets have been one of the top quality options on the market for quite some time.

4.   Add a new wall color and/or some wallpapers

If you find the colors of your rooms boring, consider re-painting them in a more vibrant and lively color. You can do the same if your wall paint is old, dingy, and dull to freshen up space a little bit. Also, the market is packed with a new line of wallpapers that are both easy to put up and even easier to remove. They come in amazing patterns and colors, and they look really stunning. And the best part is that you can put them up yourself in no time. You can choose one wall and make it an accent wall by sticking a wallpaper on it. When you finish, your rooms will look like they’ve been decorated by a truly professional interior designer!

Every home is special in its own way, and not all tips and tricks apply to all homes. Rather, this is a start to get you thinking about the things you can change and modify in your particular home.


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