Home Projects That Can Transform Your Whole Look

There are two kinds of home improvement projects: the practical kind and the cosmetic kind. Neither one is necessarily better than the other, but they each serve two very distinct purposes. The practical project is one that needs to be done and is likely not going to be seen very much. Replacing electric, fixing a leak, or redoing a roof are all important and necessary, but they don’t do much for the look of your home.

Cosmetic projects, on the other hand, are where you bring in the “wow factor.” While they, too, can serve a practical purpose, their main focus is transforming the appearance of your space. These are the activities that bring your house together, clean it up, and give it that curb appeal that everyone’s always talking about. Whether you’re flipping a house, getting ready to sell, or simply looking to upgrade and overhaul your current look with a trendy new feel, here are a few cosmetic home projects that can transform your home and give it a whole new look.

A New Coat of Paint

While it may feel cliche, a new coat of paint is always a great starting point for a fresh new look. It allows you to incorporate exciting, trendy new colors and can help set the tone for each room. In 2019, classic white is still popular for lighter, more airy rooms, while more striking options like Benjamin Moore’s Nale Navy or Beau Green can help provide a darker, moodier setting.

Whatever direction you go with the actual colors, paint is an extremely affordable and easy DIY project that can truly transform a house, inside and out.

Fresh Floors

Another excellent way to overhaul a room is to install a new floor. Once upon a time, new flooring was a complicated business. But these days there are many high-quality laminates and vinyl plank flooring options available. These create excellent faux wood or tile looks, are quick and easy to install, and can cost pennies on the dollar compared to the more traditional real wood or tile alternatives. In addition, vinyl floors can take a beating and are water resistant, which means they wear well and are easy to clean.

If you have an area where the floor takes a beating, you may want to think twice before simply installing a plain old concrete floor. Consider using a decorative sealant on it in order to provide a unique color and create a novel look to what is otherwise a traditionally drab flooring selection.

Another option for decorative concrete is using a concrete fieldstone or brick mold in order to create a cheap and easy footpath through your yard or garden. Another excellent DIY option, using a mold allows you to ensure that the path is level and creates a beautiful, elegant look without the need for more expensive materials.

New Windows

Gone are the days when replacing a window meant tearing out the wall around it, reframing the sill to a new size, etc. Replacement windows have turned the task of updating your houses apertures from a professional consideration to little more than an intermediate DIY project. Not only that, but replacement windows can be bought fairly cheaply if you look for a deal.

If, on the other hand, your budget is bigger, there are also many elegant models that can be incorporated into a room’s decor with ease. All you need to do is size up the condition of your windows, figure out which ones need replacing, and then start making plans.

Replace and Rearrange

Sometimes a room doesn’t need “all-new” so much as it needs to simply be rearranged. Rather than spending a lot of time and money on new paint, floors, etc., all you may need to do is rearrange your existing setup and add an item or two in order to give it a whole new look.

Make sure that furniture is arranged in the best way possible. This should take into consideration things like facilitating traffic as well as making a room feel open, spacious, cozy, snug, or whatever feel you’re going for.

Area rugs can be another great way to completely shift the tone of a space, as well, while strategically placed mirrors can help smaller spaces feel bigger. If you have a heating element or air conditioning unit in the open, look for ways to incorporate it into the room such as building a shelf around an AC wall unit or covering exposed ductwork with a decorative exterior.

In the yard itself, rather than adding or taking out gardens, walkways, etc. consider installing a shed or small barn in order to provide a focal point and tie everything together. This can also give you an ideal place to organize your lawn equipment and, if built to a larger scale, can even double as a party barn.

Overhaul the Kitchen

Finally, there’s the kitchen. The heart and soul of the home, a kitchen is always a good place to consider investing a little time and money in order to keep it both up to date andfunctioning properly. In fact, many kitchen remodeling projects, in particular, can be categorized as both practical and cosmetic in nature.

Countertops, for example, can make a huge statement, decoratively speaking, and yet, you need them to function on a day-to-day basis, as well. In the same vein, appliances can make or break a kitchen’s design, but they also need to do their job each time you need them.

There are many different ways to remodel a kitchen, including things like

  • Replacing countertops and cabinets.
  • Adding lighting.
  • Replacing or refinishing floors.
  • Updating appliances.
  • Completely reworking the layout.

It’s worth taking stock of your culinary hub every once in a while in order to see what projects can quickly and easily spruce things up.

Transforming Your Look

While there are countless ways to transform the look of a home, it’s important to go over lists like these, size up your options, time, money, and manpower, and then select the best choices for your own home.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your house. However, it’s possible to transform your living spaces one step at a time through thoughtful projects aimed at breathing fresh life into your abode and creating a truly welcoming home.

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