Helpful Tips to Choose a Quality Painter or Painting Service

When you own a home, there are certain times when you want to fresh up your space or make some changes. However, when it comes to painting the interior or exterior of your home, taking the DIY approach is not always a smart move.

When you hire professional professional painters to handle the work, you will gain several benefits. The biggest challenge you face is finding the right painting professional for the job. If you want some tips to help guide your decision, keep reading.

Have a Plan

You need to know ahead of time what you want to paint and what color you want to use. If you want to keep the costs of the project low, it is a good idea to make sure it is done in the right color, the first time. Also, when you are meeting with various painters, be sure that you make it clear you want a few coats and that you let them know the type and color of paint you want to use. Make sure they understand how important proper preparation is for the surfaces being painted and that all this is detailed in the contract you sign.

Get Estimates from Several Service Providers

You need to get a few detailed estimates from each of the painting contractors you are thinking about using. Make sure the estimate includes a summary of the cost of the materials, the requested costs of primer and pain, the labor required for the job, the brand of materials to be used, and the scope of the painter’s job.

Verify the References of Past Jobs

It is a good idea to get a list of past clients from every painter you are thinking about using. Call these people to find out specific information about the work the painter did, how long they took to handle the job if there were any issues, and any other questions you can think of. It may even be a good idea to request references for several jobs they did five years before to see how the work is holding up.

Look at Customer Reviews

Before you hire a painter, it is a good idea to see if they have a rating on BBB or another reputable site. You can also find the company by searching the name of the company followed by the word’s “scam” or “rip off” to see if anything comes up. You may also be able to find information about the service provider on the Contractors License Reference Site.

Request a Detailed Contract

You should never assume anything. Even if a painting contractor makes promises or claims, if they are not put in writing, they don’t count. The contractor that you hire needs to provide you with information in writing that includes all their personal information. This includes:

  • The name of the company
  • Address of the office
  • Phone numbers
  • License numbers

Make sure the contract also includes all the details of the job. Be sure to request a company of the workers’ compensation and liability insurance certificate. Use caution if a painter tells you they don’t have coverage. If something happens to go wrong, you may be the one who winds up being responsible to cover the related costs.

Ask for a Guarantee

A quality painter needs to be confident in the work they do and will be happy to provide a guarantee against any excessive chalking, fading, blistering, peeling, or chipping that could happen a few years after the job has been done at no or very little cost. You should never let a painter tell you that this is not necessary since the paint is under warranty, because this won’t cover the cost of labor, which is the most expensive part of any job.

By using the tips and information here, you can feel confident that the work done by the painter you hire will be up to your standards and it will last. Never hire a painter without considering all your options carefully first.

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