Fun Project Ideas to Build for Father’s Day

What do you get someone who already has everything they need? It’s a common question, especially when it comes to dads. It can be difficult to find a gift for your dad without resorting to getting something that’s tacky, cliche, or just plain pointless. One solution is to find a good DIY project that can bring both quality and meaning into your gift plans.

Fun DIY Ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, here are a few of the best projects to consider pulling together with your own two hands. While most of these suggestions are aimed at older teenage and adult children with a capable skill set to take on larger projects, many of them can easily incorporate younger children as well. Happy building!

Create a Set of Manly Coasters

If your dad is a fan of a good cabernet or he likes to have a beer in hand on game day, one good DIY option is to create a set of rustic wooden coasters. They’re simple to cut up, sand, and seal, and can be a quick and easy gift that is both useful and thoughtful.

Take a Musical Route

If your dad is musical at heart, you may want to consider heading in a musical direction with your gift. Rather than simply buying him an iTunes gift card, though, consider trying your hand at actually building him an instrument. A cajon, for example, is quite easy to pull together and can make for a fun DIY project.

If you want to take the musical venture to a whole new level, you can even pull together a full-blown music practice room. Choose your space, create a pleasant atmosphere that enhances creativity, and move his instruments (carefully!) into the room right before Father’s Day. If you’ve got little kids involved in the project, you might even want to consider putting some kid-friendly instruments in there as well in order to have some jam sessions along with Dad from time to time.

Backyard Renovation Ideas

If you’re feeling ambitious, you may want to take on a larger exterior building project. Consider clearing some land in the backyard in order to hang a hammock, create a bonfire area, put in a nice patio, or even construct a larger shed or outbuilding to finally give Dad that man cave he’s always wanted.

Hire Yourself as Dad’s Helper

If your dad is the DIY type, you may want to consider getting him a helping hand — yourself! Try to get an idea of what home maintenance or other chores Dad might have on his list at the moment and then do them yourself. From changing the oil on his car to unclogging drains, replacing filters on appliances, or anything else that Dad might be dreading, suit up in that shining armor and swoop in to the rescue.

Build Dad a Workbench

If your dad is a fan of DIY projects himself, one way you can thank him for all of those years of handmade crafts is by building him his very own workbench. There’s nothing like having a surface devoted to craftsmanship and creativity. You can find a plethora of different homemade workbench plans in this article from Morning Chores. Pick one out, gather supplies, and pull it together.

The Earth-Conscious Dad

If your dad cares about Earth Day, conservation, energy efficiency, and all other things green, that can open up a whole new world of quality Father’s Day gift ideas. For example, if your dad has a green thumb, consider improving his gardening set up with a new greenhouse or better fences around his garden.

If he’s hardcore about eco-friendly living, try to swap out his bulbs for LED alternatives, install weather strip on any drafty doors and windows, or even arrange to replace the windows entirely or blow in some fresh insulation to help his home remain efficient and cozy during the coming winter months.

Build Dad a New Room

Before you skip right over this idea, we’re not talking about fully constructing interior walls here. However, if Dad has been itching for a room all to himself, consider putting up a wooden trellis and then populating it with plants, books, and other paraphernalia to divide off a portion of a room all for himself. Then all you have to do is set up the television, bring in his armchair, and your dad will finally have that safe haven he’s been looking for.

The Touch of Homemade

Dads all over the world are some of the most notoriously difficult people to shop for. However, going the DIY route can make all the difference. The creative investment turns any old gift into one with thoughtfulness, meaning, and purpose. So take a look over the list and gain some inspiration, and then get to work — there’s only so much time left before Father’s Day is here.

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