Folkes Heating and Cooling Contractors Explain Essential HVAC Maintenance

HVAC is one of the most significant investments in your living space. This system keeps a favorable microclimate in your home. It purifies the air and regulates inner temperatures. Given the multiple-use of this system, it is clear that this investment is very profitable.

When the HVAC system runs smoothly, it makes your home comfortable and pleasant to stay. Technicians from Folkes Home Services advise regular maintenance to keep heating, venting, and air conditioning functional for as long as possible.

Utility costs exist for every type of installation in your home. These are expenses you’ll have in any case, but they don’t always cost a small fortune. If you take HVAC maintenance seriously and do it on time, that will lower costs. Also, you won’t bother with repairs, hiring technicians, replacing parts, and so on.

Visual Check-Up

Licensed technicians should do the maintenance of the HVAC system. They have the necessary skills and experience in the job. Once or twice a year, call authorized contractors to perform regular service. Before that, or whenever the opportunity arises, you can inspect the system yourself.

This type of prevention can bring you significant savings. Frequent system checks mean that a potential malfunction will be detected in time. It’s a better solution than doing nothing until the system stops working. Such a repair will cost you much more than if you solved the problem at the beginning.

Look for leaks. Condensation occurs in places where cold and warm air meets. Moisture that ‘creeps’ into the HVAC system can create many problems. Besides corrosion, retained water affects the development of mold and bacteria, which lower air quality in your home.


Dust, dirt, grease, and various other scraps can accumulate in any part of the HVAC system. Be persistent to clean as much as you can of it. You can dust the indoor AC unit, openings, and grilles on the openings every time you wipe and vacuum your home.

In places with constant airflow, even light dust deposits can prevent it. Clean the outdoor AC unit, but make sure you turn it off first. You can find a lot of dirt, branches, grass, and leaves, inside the cage that protects the air conditioner. Also, it’s an excellent place for small rodents to nest. All this can interfere with the proper operation of this unit.

Not all parts of the HVAC system are easily accessible. Don’t improvise with their cleaning; let them cleaned by professionals. They have tools and means to remove stubborn deposits deep inside the ducts. Besides, technicians will check for corrosive damage. That’s also a part of the regular HVAC maintenance.

Filter Replacement

Furnace filters are the parts of the HVAC system, where you will find most debris and dust. All kinds of particles from the air can stay on the filters. Due to the increased humidity, these places are ideal for mold, bacteria, and fungi.

When air passes through a dirty and contaminated filter, it disperses these microorganisms everywhere. Some of them can cause severe breathing issues. At this link, you can find out how harmful these microorganisms are to your health.

You can inspect the filters every time you do the visual HVAC inspection. But if any intervention needed, you should call professionals. Proper replacement of this part of the system is vital to its proper operation.

Remove Clogs

During the visual inspection, you should also pay attention to the clogs. Various things can get stuck inside the ducts and vents and interfere with airflow. When the air doesn’t circulate, it doesn’t remove condensate from the system. That backlog can cause problems such as poor temperature regulation, high humidity inside your home, the appearance of rust, and so on.

For these reasons, moisture must not be retained inside the system. As soon as you notice any leak, call professional HVAC technicians. They’ll do their best to solve water leakage and clean the ducts and vents of clogs thoroughly.


Besides described things, regular maintenance involves checking of wirings or electrical connections. That’s something experts should do. They have the necessary tools and protective equipment, which keeps them safe. Always check whom you hire, as these technicians need specific licenses and training for servicing HVAC.

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