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As someone who is in the finishing stages of building our home and looking forward to moving in after months of being ‘cozy’ in a 2 bedroom apartment with a family of 5, the moment can’t come any sooner.

We have recently been looking at paint colors and options that won’t break the bank, from the equipment needed if we were to do it ourselves to saving the hassle but spending a bit more to hire a professional company who can just get the job done and dusted. So many questions to ask and answers to consider, it’s more detailed than we had anticipated, to be honest.

Who even knew that choosing as simple as paint could be so involved, from knowing wall textures to color combinations to whether it needs to be water-resistant or scuff proof?

If having a company come in who specializes in interior and exterior painting like Huskey’s Paint & Design means a day free from headaches and peace of mind in knowing it will be done properly the first time around, then I’m all for it. As much as hubby believes he is the ultimate DIYer, I’d rather him take me to brunch while the pros get to work.


5 Tips for choosing the right paint.

You may be thinking it’s trivial to put so much thought into a simple bucket of paint, but if not planned or executed correctly can result in a house or home not feeling the ambiance you were hoping for or not being cohesive with the color schemes you opted for in terms of accessories and furniture.

  • Furnish first. The best advice is to furnish before anything else if possible, changing a choice of wall color is far easier and cheaper than trying to buy new furniture pieces to match the wall. Neutrals are always a good choice as accessories and scatter cushions are the quickest ways to add in pops of color.
  • Testers. The cheapest and safest way to see what works. You get a feel for how it will turn out and there is no wasting of large purchases if it doesn’t fit. A couple of tubs, brush them all over, and the decision couldn’t be more stress-free.
  • A scrapbook with the various rooms and adding in snippets of images you see in books or color swabs you collected when out at the shops, will give you an idea of what your style is. See here for a few tips and ‘interpretations.’
  • Now that you have your samples, why not try painting a few poster boards and place them amongst the furniture you plan on having in that particular room. You’ll soon be able to tell if the colors clash or gel and can change things around till the elements come together just how you want.
  • This is essentially translated into how much shine you want in the color, gloss being shinier whereas flat matte has zero to the bare minimum. These will also be determined by the type of room it’s used for, is it a guest room or a high traffic area? Consider this when making the decision.


Hiring a company and what to look for.

It can be daunting knowing who to trust and let into your home, but as scary as it may seem it has to be done if you want the job completed. Doing your research and homework when it comes to getting quotes is key to choosing the right company and reading customer reviews and comments can be the best way to see the customer service you’ll be receiving.

Visiting their websites is a no brainer, a reputable company will have no issues advertising their up to date qualifications of services or rave reviews from happy and satisfied customers. The look of the page will also indicate of how they pride themselves on branding and keeping up to date with current trends.

When having a consultation be sure to ask all questions up front, what are the costs involved? Is it an all-inclusive price or are their possibilities of surprise fees at the end? Do they prep and prime the area and clean up when they’re done or is it part your job to set up the room?

How many paints of coat will they be applying? You don’t want to leave this detail out before they start and come home to a house that looks like it had the idea of a paint session, never mind the fact that you can still see all the kids’ drawings underneath the paint coat.

To see how others have gone about the process or factors that helped them decide, take a minute to read this blog for a different perspective on things and an in-depth look into opinions they consider to be vital for a successful project.

When all else fails and you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by it all, speak to your family and friends. Personal recommendations from people you trust have always been the best means of having a positive outcome. They come with a reputable reputation and you can breathe that sigh of relief you’ve been holding in for so long.


The main objective is to do what feels right to you, go with your gut and instincts as you are the one that has to live in the house when it’s all over and the paint has dried.


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