Do you speak French drain ?

The basement is a vulnerable place that water loves to infiltrate. Whether is in spring when the snow melts, during summer rain falls, when all fall leaves cover the ground or in winter when temperatures change like roller coasters, -10C one day and +12C the next, the basement has to be protected at all times. A French drain is the best defence against water infiltrations and the least expensive. At least less expensive than water damage.

A French drain is a perforated plastic pipe, wrapped in a geotextile lining, that you install at the base o a house’s foundation. It allows water drainage cans be placed inside our outside. It picks up water surplus and redirects it away for your basement… and your TV!

A good drain that will work efficiently and for a long time has to be installed by a pro. Surface and underground water has to have an access “tunnel” to flow away from the house. The drain is usually installed in a trench that has to be well designed to steer water in the right direction and have it end at the right place. It’s not costly and it can last a very long time when it’s well installed.

How would you know if you need a French drain?

  • A river sound soothes your ears at night, but you live in the middle of a city
  • You think a French drain is multigrain bread
  • You have anxieties when you are watching the movie Titanic

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