Different Ways To Incorporate Wood Into Your Home

There are so many reasons why incorporating wood into your home could help improve your home’s overall appeal. Wood is a timeless building material that has over the past centuries become an essential addition to millions of homes and aesthetically adaptable building material that has since existed.

Now, apart from the durability aspect part of it, most construction projects will rely heavily on wood because of its crafting and molding abilities. When used in interior design, wood serves as a great source of inspiration and depending on the type of wood used, you can achieve classic and rustic themes effortlessly. When used harmoniously with other building materials, wood has the ability to transform ordinary living spaces into exquisite rooms. That having been said, below are different ways on how to incorporate wood into your home.

1. Wooden Mantelpieces

If you are looking for ways to add some character into your interior décor, then wood can help to complement various areas in your home, and there’s no better place to start than with the fireplace. For homes with fireplaces, wooden mantelpieces can help to accentuate that dull fireplace to achieve an attractive yet simplistic fireplace design. With the right equipment and time on your hands; this is a great DIY project you can accomplish over a short period of time. You can start by learning how to use a plunge router as it will play a crucial role when it comes to adding textures, grooves, and when making small scale wood adjustments. Among the things you’ll need to consider when creating classic mantel pieces include:

  • Type of wood – Not all types of wood will work when creating mantelpieces. You need to find good quality wood that can easily be manipulated into the designs required.
  • Woodworking skills – Before starting on any wood project, you need to arm yourself with the skills required in creating quality mantelpieces. There are various online tutorials and free online woodworking courses that can be handy in providing you with the knowledge required.
  • Types of equipment used – Most importantly, you’ll need to use the right equipment for various woodworking projects, and creating mantelpieces is no exception. While you might be tempted to rent woodworking equipment, investing in your own tools will be more cost-effective.
  • Time – When it comes to woodworking tasks, time plays a crucial role because when you think about it, it takes time to creatively design wooden items.
  • Cost of project – You must also consider the overall cost of the project you are working on. Creating an all-inclusive budget will help you put aside the funds you require for the completion of the task at hand.

2. Wooden Front Door

When it comes to introducing wood to your home, you might as well start with your front door. A well-crafted wooden front door will serve as a classic mark that identifies you with your home. When designing a wooden front door, you’ll need to carefully choose the right type of wood to use. Knotty wood will help you achieve darker finishes while plain and light-colored wood will provide you with light color shades. Whatever your inclinations, choose durable and strong wood types such as pine, cedar, oak, and mahogany. You’ll also need to choose from door designs that complement your interior décor.

3. Wooden Patio Furniture

Before visitors get into your living spaces, they should have a feel of the warmth created by the wooden furniture on your patio. Patios are great resting areas, especially during the warm summer months. Wooden patio furniture pieces are more durable, and depending on the type of wood used; they’ll withstand the elements.

4. Wooden Staircases

For upper storied homes, there’s no need to design staircases made out of synthetic materials. Wood has a more natural effect and will help to highlight your staircase. Whether it’s a double winder staircase, spiral, or arched staircase, using wood in the construction of the staircase will also help to add value to your home in case you’re considering selling your house.

5. Wooden Tiles

Incorporating wood into your home doesn’t take much. It only requires your creative mind and the zeal to work on your wooden projects. There are homely wooden tile flooring options that you can install in your living spaces to give your home that warmth effect. Hey, you also have the option of investing in parquet flooring. You can opt for oak parquets that incorporate a lavish and stylish look.

The above tips are great home design ideas that will help you to incorporate wood into your home. There are endless possibilities to what you can achieve with wooden finishing whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

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