Designing Your New Kitchen? Kitchen Design Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

A kitchen renovation is a cost-effective way of improving the kitchen’s function, lower the home’s energy costs, and improve its overall look. Depending on how you’ll revamp the area, kitchen renovations can also improve its storage, comfort, and usability.

Designing your new kitchen just for the sake of it won’t guarantee that you can experience all of these benefits. Kitchen renovation projects will require a lot of time and money, which is why you should be careful in choosing a kitchen design. Overdesigning and being indecisive are two of the most costly mistakes anyone can make when redesigning their kitchens. So, make sure that you learn more before taking any steps.

To maximize your resources and ensure that money is not wasted, consider trying out some of these kitchen design ideas:

1. Pops Of Colors

Traditional kitchens usually come in monochromatic color schemes. This means that everything – from the kitchen ceiling, floors, walls, and appliances – has the same or similar colors. For instance, a kitchen that’s painted in light blue will also have seats and silverware in blue, as well.

If you want to break the monotony, add pops of color to your kitchen. You can start by painting your kitchen walls with bold colors and invest in pieces that come in contrasting or complementing colors. Paint your kitchen in pastel colors and use furniture in bold colors of orange or green to add a pop of color. Colorful pieces, such as artworks and centerpieces, can add life to a dull-looking kitchen, too.

Aside from being easy to implement, this design idea is also cheap and can be changed regularly. Instead of repainting your kitchen walls with another color as the season changes, invest in smaller items that represent these seasons and change them as often as you want to.

2. Dark-Colored Kitchens

Homeowners would usually pair black with other colors for their kitchens. A white kitchen can be accented with a black kitchen countertop, black cabinets, or black backsplash. Because there’s no set-in-stone rule when it comes to kitchen designs, you can use black as more than an accent color in your kitchen.

Black kitchens are one of the hottest trends in kitchen renovations today. Depending on your fascination with the color, you can choose to have an all-black kitchen or use it as a primary color and use other colors as accents.

You can invest in black kitchen appliances, and have your kitchen walls and flooring painted in black. For a more subtle look, invest in a black-painted bar and use seats in red. A black working station paired with wooden seats or black walls with marble countertops is some of the best combinations you can try.

3. Benches And Group Seating

Since dining tables are placed in the kitchen, seats are always a requirement. Also, with the number of homeowners using their kitchens as a lounging area, the demands for seating furniture will continue to rise. Thus, your kitchen won’t be complete without any seats.

To make your new kitchen functional and unique, look for benches and booths that offer group seating. These pieces will enhance banquette style seating and dining, allowing you and your friends, or family, to bond while eating.

This seating arrangement is a great way of utilizing space without compromising the comfort of your loved ones. With banquette style seating, everyone can just sit and relax in one area of the kitchen without disrupting traffic flow.

4. Hidden Storage

Regardless of how frequent you use your kitchen, sufficient storage should always be available. A kitchen with poor storage can result in clutter and, in worse cases, diseases. Thus, storage is important in every kitchen.

While overhead cabinets and under sink drawers are common options, there are still other ways to boost your kitchen’s storage. One of which is through bespoke storage.

Bespoke storage is a type of kitchen furniture that’s made based on your needs, available space, and desired look. Because it’s highly customizable, bespoke storage is an excellent option to keep your kitchen organized no matter how small your kitchen’s space is.

You can have bespoke storage in the space between your fridge and dividers, or have one below your kitchen islands.

Aside from being customizable, bespoke storage is usually hidden. By investing in this furniture, you can keep your kitchen organized and sleek at the same time!

Choose Wisely

When choosing a design for your kitchen, don’t forget to think about how your kitchen is used. A kitchen that’s mostly used for cooking will prioritize space for stoves and ovens. While kitchens that double as social areas will invest in seating furniture.

In essence, the design you choose for your new kitchen should make the space attractive and functional.

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