Create An Ideal Modern Gaming Room

The idea of a game room can feel a little old-fashioned nowadays. For whatever reason, the concept feel like something out of the past – either a previous era where people smoked cigars and shot pool, or recent history when the term “gaming” evoked images of teens hiding away on basement couches with their consoles. But there’s really nothing stopping you from creating a more appealing, modern game room, particularly if you’re looking for something to do to update a basement or den space. We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started.

Embrace Temperature Control 

The point of a modern gaming room, and really any modern room, ought to be comfort. We’ve covered the importance of insulation as it relates to energy savings and temperature control, and particularly if you’re building this room as a home addition that’s something to consider. But you might also want to look into various “smart” features that allow for full temperature control. Since this is a room dedicated to entertainment and relaxation it’s important that it be as comfortable and appealing as possible, and this is a nice underlying step to take toward that end.

Buy Furniture For Furniture’s Sake

This might sound like a silly tip on the surface, but the point is to focus on comfort once again. Too many people, when setting up game rooms, focus on stereotypical concepts like barstools or ornate, expensive card tables. These are hardly necessary unless they also contribute to the overall atmosphere and appeal of the room. The one exception might be a billiards table if this is a sort of gaming you’d like to include, because there really isn’t a substitute for it. Otherwise though you should opt for soft, inviting seating and all-purpose tables. That way you can always fold out a felt poker table if you need to, but you’re not stuck with one all the time. Tables can be used for board and strategy games, trays of snacks, or whatever other purpose arises.

Add Personal Touches

You don’t want to go overboard with this or it can get tacky, but a few personal touches in the game room can be a nice touch. For instance, this room can give you a nice excuse to hang a little bit of understated memorabilia from the college you went to. Or, if you want to embrace poker as mentioned above, you can look into making your own playing cards, so that there’s a sort of “house rules” vibe to this particular type of gaming. Basically, you don’t want the whole room to be decked out in your personal things, but a few little touches can make the room unique, and make it feel that much more special to share the room with friends.

Keep Consoles In The Cabinet 

This is a small thing, but if you’re going for an attractive, modern room, try not to have gaming consoles (let alone any packaging or discs) sitting out visibly. This is pure clutter, and completely unnecessary. Keep your consoles in cupboards, either where they can read your controller anyway (such as with a glass door) or where you can easily open up the doors only when you play. This keep the room clean and ready for other activities and makes everything more attractive.

Set Up For VR

Designing an entire room for virtual reality is probably not necessary at this stage. At the same time though, setting up a gaming room without considering VR also seems somewhat foolish. You can actually read up on things to consider when setting up a VR room, such as to keep glass fixtures and tripping hazards out of the immediate area. You don’t need to go overboard and pad the entire room – the truth is most modern VR doesn’t actually get you moving around that much. But there’s certainly every possibility that you’ll be moving around a bit, and that you could knock things over or even hurt yourself if the room isn’t set up properly. Making sure you’re prepared for VR is a great final touch for a modern gaming room.

These suggestions can help you to set up a great foundation for your room. The rest pretty much comes down to peonal taste (and how much you want to spend or work!).

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