Converting a Roof into a Rooftop Terrace

Arrange a terrace on the roof

Having a garden, an open playground or a relaxing haven outdoors is not always a possibility while living in the city. Rooftop terraces may be the perfect alternative to enjoying the sun while staying comfortably at home. However, before embarking on this type of project, it is important to follow a few steps.

First Steps

Before undertaking a roof conversion, you will need a building permit, which you can obtain at your local city hall. This step is crucial to assess the viability of your project, as well as determining the solidity of your roof, leaving nothing to chance so as to successfully complete your project. Make sure that your home fulfils all the criteria to be eligible for a rooftop terrace building permit.

This type of property development project requires a realistic construction estimate. Contact an architect to have a clear idea of the overall cost of the work: This will allow you to evaluate expenditures and help you realize your project according to your budget and your renovation dream while remaining realistic.

Tips to Successfully Complete Your Rooftop Terrace Conversion Project

Once you have obtained the construction specifications, begin the roof conversion project in the early spring or summer. Before buying the necessary material to build your new deck, consider hiring a landscaping professional. They can accompany you during the purchase of required materials and offer their professional advice throughout the length of the project.

For example, they will be able to offer advice on the type of terrace adapted to your roof. You can opt for a concrete deck, wood, gravel or artificial turf, depending on your tastes and budget. If you prefer a natural grass lawn on the roof, ensure a water system is easily accessible.

And above all, enjoy the summer!


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