Cleaning Guide For a Mattress Tips to Remove Stains and Smells

As soon as you enter your bedroom you smell this foul odor coming from somewhere. You looked around and made sure that everything is clean. But that odor is still present. Soon you realize it’s your mattress. Sucking all those dust and stains with a vacuum did not seem to work well. Discolorations are still present same with that nasty scent. And that smell means there’s a potential bacteria and fungal infection.

Since proper hygiene is a must for a healthy living, you start looking for a better solution. So how should we remove these stubborn dirt and neutralize this odor?

There are tons of stain removal products in the market and natural remedies exist as well. Whatever your preference is, these mattress cleaning tips will surely make your life easier.

First, make sure to read the care instructions for your mattress. Some cleaning products may deteriorate it. You don’t want anything that will melt your bed especially if it relieves your body aches like the best mattress for hip pain at There are two methods of cleaning mattresses: Vacuum and deodorize.



Using a vacuum to clean your mattress at least once a month is very effective in removing stubborn dirt. One example are strands of hair stuck on your bed. These are very difficult to remove. Without vacuum you can never pluck those hair in it. Vacuuming your mattress also eliminate mites that deep inside the foam.

There are many vacuums in the market that you can get. But the most desirable is the one with ultraviolet light as it kills mites and bed bugs.

Just make sure your vacuum is clean or it will only put all the dirt back on your bed. If vacuum is not advisable, place your mattress under the sunlight if possible, to disinfect and deodorize it. The heat of the sun has the power to kill bacteria and mites.


Deodorize it Using Natural Products

There are natural and effective ways to deodorize your mattress other than sunlight. Spread some baking soda onto it then let it stand for 30 minutes before you vacuum up. Baking soda is an effective all-around cleaner that is safe because it is natural. It is a mild alkali that acts as a scouring powder that lifts dirt up for effective removal.

You can also mix a few drops of essential oil before sprinkling it on your bed. This will leave a relaxing aroma for a goodnight sleep.


Stain Removal 

Moms can definitely relate to this situation as their toddlers tend to wet their bed at night. Mattresses are subject to stains not limited to urine. Other causes of stains are vomit, drools, sweat and even blood. The trick is to clean the stained area as soon as possible as it is easier to clean while it is still fresh.

Soak your mattress in vinegar and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then blot it with paper towels. Use a few layers of paper towels and press it against the mattress to absorb the vinegar. Finally, do the baking soda magic previously mentioned. But this time, let it stand for several hours. The longer the baking soda stays, the better it cleans, then vacuum up.

For best results, mix equal proportions of water, vinegar and detergent or dishwasher liquid in a container. Dab this solution on the stained area on your bed. You can also make a paste out of salt and lemon juice as an alternative to the vinegar solution.

Most chemical cleaning agent is available too. Damp a piece of clean rag with household ammonia and rub the stain away if your mattress seriously stinks. Use unscented and undiluted ammonia for a clean and fresh mattress.


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