Choosing the perfect colour

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All retailers who carry paint cans have everything to help you choose the ideal colour. It is nevertheless just a little piece of cardboard with the pantone… On many paint manufacturers’ websites you can choose the colours with the help of sophisticated online tools. You can even upload your living room picture and visualise a chosen colour on the final image. You can “virtually” paint any room.

Before choosing your favourite colour, you have to choose the brand and the type (mat, glossy, satin, water based, acrylic, vinyl, oil, etc.). Some paint brands offer a 2 in 1 primer and paint colour, which avoids the primer step.

Colour related moods

Choosing the ambiance in which you will live for the next few years can be difficult. Maybe the meaning of colours can help? This is not a science, but here it is:

Blue: dreams, serenity, loyalty, oceans, justice, chastity, faith, sky, truth, melancholy, calm, trust, authority, security, imagination, nobility, freshness, wisdom, liberty. The Egyptians considered this colour as a symbol of immortality and luck.

Yellow: joy, knowledge, friendship, lies, sun, ego, gold, wealth, heat, energy, light. Yellow can make a room bigger and give it an interesting luminosity.

Red: love, blood, pain, anger, ardour,passion, action, heat, energy, exuberance, violence, destruction. It’s the colour of life and death.

White: purity, snow, health, eternity, innocence, cleanliness, virginity, finesse,nobility, milk.

Green: hope, luck, stability, focus, failure, infidelity, jealousy, immaturity, nature. Luck also of course, this is why gambling tables have a green mat.

Orange: joy, creativity, communication, security, optimisim, enthusiasm, joie de vivre. It evokes fire, the sun, the light and the heat. It’s a warm, intimate welcoming colour. 

Purple: religion, beliefs, meditation, solitude, finesse, grief, melancholy.

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