Changing your window installations to save heating costs

According to statistics, Canada is the tenth energy consuming country in the world. Winter is the main reason, but the poor choice of windows is also a cause of unnecessary heat loss. Check windows for air leaks and consider replacing them if necessary to minimise your energy consumption.

Insulating windows for optimal heat

To ensure that air does not leak through the gaps of your windows, try the feather or the lit candle test. If the feather moves or if the flame of your candle goes out, it means that your window is not sealed tight. Particularly old windows leak the most; this can result in large heat loss and even the entire cooling of a room. The solution is simple and involves replacing old windows for new ones. Wooden windows are the best thermal and phonic insulators.

Chose double or triple pane windows for more efficiency

Increase the thermal efficiency of your windows by adding a double or even triple pane. This method also allows you to isolate your interior from exterior noise pollution. In addition, you will be efficiently protected from extreme temperatures in both winter and summer and will save from 10 to 30% energy compared to using single-pane windows.

Choosing the right opening for better thermal performance

Sliding windows prevent heat loss in your home and are ideal for a stylish and modern appearance. Opt for this type of window if you also associate importance to the decorative aspect of your interior. Sliding windows also provide you with immediate comfort by reducing the leakage of draughts and therefore a great way to save energy!

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