Interior renovation

Let’s sing the blues

Painting the walls is the renovation work that Quebecers usually like to do themselves. Be it a simple freshening up or a radical change, a fresh new paint can do wonders by giving a second life to a room, but just like any other reno job, hire a pro as soon as you feel that […]

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Warm from head to… toe

In some countries, the floor is naturally warm, the sun is so hot that you literally burn when you enter your car, when you touch a door handle our if you walk barefoot. Well… not in Quebec unfortunately. A floor heating system is not new, the Romans are said to have used a hot air […]

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Renovate, for better or for worse

All is going well in your couple, you exchange love notes and cute text messages and you rarely fight. Until one day, one of you drops the “R” bomb and talks about renovations. A 360° change in your conversations occurs at that very moment. Along with “darling”, you now hear the words “bidet”, “cabinets”, “pipes” […]

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