Exterior siding

The effects of frost on brick facades

Winter in Quebec is often very rough, and frost is a common occurrence in Canadian regions. Houses survive as best they can, but sometimes traces of frost have a tendency to stick around. This is particularly the case on brick facades, popular for their rustic appearance, but which are not, however, protected from many minor […]

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External insulation and energy saving

From outside or inside, insulation contributes to the thermal performance of your home, whatever the season. Indeed, your energy consumption is inextricably linked to the effectiveness of your insulation system. External insulation is suitable for recent housing, as well as for renovation projects. Here are some characteristics of this type of thermal insulation system. The […]

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Cracks on exterior walls : risk and solutions

Over time, you realise that more or less significant cracks will appear on your exterior walls. The causes are multiple and the risks quite significant depending on the seriousness of the cracks. Before proceeding to the reparation of those cracks, it is important to assess their causes and the possible damages that may follow. Plausible […]

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