Decoration & Design

The Basics of Crafting a Stylish Home

Of all the places on earth, our sweet home is the most relaxing place. This is the only place where we feel the liberty to do whatever we want. We love everything about our home, its design, size or location. Similarly, a more stylish home looks more appealing and provides better living standards and comfort. […]

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How to transform an extension into a studio?

Where was this project done? Montreal Type of project ? New layout and redesign of residential annex Budget 65,000 $ Construction period 12 weeks In the words of the professional written by Stéfan Marquis, Architect Conceived and carried out by our architecture studio based in the Old Port of Montreal. The aim of this project, […]

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Eco-materials: trends in the near future

Eco-materials, also known as ecological materials, contribute towards environmental protection and not to mention a good quality of life. Natural materials are renowned for their efficiency. Their environmental impact is low or quasi neutral, which is why they are recommended for both professional and personal use. Less Environmental Pollution Made from natural resources such as […]

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