Best interior design tips for small spaces

Most of us grow up with dreams of living a luxurious life in a mansion someday.

We imagine our future selves to be so successful and prosperous that we are living our best life.

Most of us had big dreams of a swanky lifestyle growing up

We fantasize about waking up in a king-sized bed with the softest sheets and the most comfortable pillows surrounding us, and getting out of bed to enjoy a steaming cup of the world’s most excellent coffee while enjoying the magnificent view from the bedroom.

Then finally, walking down the magnificent staircase with a rich, African Blackwood railing that leads to the expansive living room downstairs. And all this while, of course, enjoying the luxurious feel of the plush Persian carpet under our feet. At least this is what I hoped to get for my future self when I was seven.

But unless you are a millionaire, you are probably not living this life

But as we grow older and wiser, we begin to understand that getting stinking rich – enough to own a mansion – does not come as easy as we thought it would.

With the economy in shambles, we would be lucky if we could even get a tiny studio apartment of our own by the time we have graduated from college. That is when all our dreams of a luxurious home come shattering down.

But living in a slight place – okay, okay, a LOT – smaller than what we had hoped for should not mean that we cannot still make our dreams come true. Even if we cannot afford to have a house big enough to host an army, we can still enjoy a pretty comfy living with the right interior decoration. In the end, it all comes down to how we make the most of what we have got to enhance the aura of the house.

The right home décor can genuinely transform a shoddy apartment to a Pinterest worthy dwelling

For this reason, we have come up with a list of ideas that can make your tiny bachelor’s pad fit enough to house a king. If you are trying to make your ancient outdated house look brand new and modern, click here. The clever interior design tips we will discuss in the following paragraphs are curated explicitly for small spaces to make them look as luxurious as the mansion you grew up dreaming of. So without further ado, let’s begin.

1.   Stay away from the clutter

When you are working with a cramped up space, the first thing to keep in mind is that you need to avoid confusion as much as possible. This means Marie Kondo-ing your apartment and tossing out every single thing that you do not need, or it does not add value to the aesthetics of a place. Yes, we are talking about all the small decoration pieces you have been gifted by your work friends all through the years. That vase is ugly anyway.

De-cluttering your place can be an excellent opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash. Put a price tag on everything you want to get rid of, and hold a garage sale. If you are feeling generous and philanthropic, you can even donate all of your old stuff to multiple charities and second-hand shops in the country.

2.   Replace the emptiness with one big piece

Now that you have cleared up space, you need to ensure that it remains this way. This means that you must no longer bring home small decorative pieces every time you go out shopping.

But getting rid of all the clutter may have given your home an empty feeling. If your place seems under decorated after you tossed out the many odd pieces, make it up by bringing in a statement piece. Instead of bestrewing your living space with things that do not even make sense, using one big part can make your apartment seem roomier.

3.   Take your lighting seriously

Another essential interior décor consideration – and especially crucial for small spaces – is the amount of lighting in the room. Proper lighting has the power to make any place look bigger and brighter, and natural light is even more excellent at creating an illusion of a spacious room. What’s more, is that natural light will not cost you a cent!

Design the interior of your room in such a way that you can benefit from natural light in the best way possible. Takedown your grandma’s old, heavy curtains and replace them with breezy ones in a light color that allows some light to pass through. You can install white-outs below these super trendy curtains for the times that you want to sleep in and want complete darkness.

4.   Tie it all together with similar shades

The next step towards making a small bedroom appear beautiful is to rethink the colors you have wanted to paint the walls. If you are a massive fan of a statement wall that stands out due to a different color altogether, you might want to reconsider. Though it is exceptionally flattering for a big space, it can make a small one appear even smaller.

What you should do instead is plan out each room before you start. Before you start looking for service providers for carpet installation, Austin, make sure that the paint on your walls will not conflict with the color you have chosen for the carpet. Using a couple of shades in the same color for the furniture, the paint, and the flooring makes your home look more put together and spacious than just throwing in the rainbow.

5.   Make mirrors your best friends

Because mirrors tend to reflect light to dark nooks and crannies, they have a fantastic potential to brightening up a gloomy room, as well as to create an illusion of a bigger than actual space. Thus, all small homeowners must make mirrors their best friends when redecorating or renovating their humble abode.

Use the wall to wall mirrors to add beauty and life in your living room. Place a big mirror over the vanity to help you look like a million bucks every day. Decorate the mantle with reflective glass, or even use it to beautify the front door. The possibilities with mirrors in interior décor are endless!

The final word

Though interior décor for a smallish place is a challenge, it is not impossible. By putting a little bit of logic and creativity in your efforts, you can make any area look fabulous, despite any limitations regarding space or otherwise. Follow these fundamental principles, and we guarantee you, your tiny apartment will soon become a place you will fall in love with.

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