Bedroom Renovation Tips: How to Make Your Sleeping Area More Stylish

The fact that we spend about a third of our lives in our bedrooms may sound a bit exaggerated at first, but when you think about it – it makes perfect sense. If you sleep around 8 hours a day, then the math is pretty simple and on point. This only means that your sleeping area absolutely deserves the same amount of time and attention that other rooms in your home get. In this article, we’re going to present you some tips and tricks on how to effectively redecorate your bedroom and make it more stylish and enjoyable to spend the time in.

Go Minimalistic to Achieve the Modern Look

When trying to make your bedroom look more stylish it’s always a safe choice to go for that sought-after modern look. Today’s ’modern look’ usually encompasses something simple and sleek. This minimalist style will especially look great in monochrome colourways.

Add Metallic Elements for the Industrial ’New York Loft’ Look

Depending on the interior decor of the rest of your apartment, that so-called ’industrial’ look that resembles the style of so many New York lofts can be a nice option to consider. One way to achieve this look is by adding as many metallic elements as you can. These go along with muted colours nicely. Don’t forget to add a few touches of brass and copper, and if you have an exposed brick wall, too, you’ll be enjoying your re-styled industrial bedroom in no time.

Scandinavian Bedroom Look

Speaking of muted colour palette, Scandinavian bedroom look is always a great choice to consider. But unlike industrial bedroom, Scandinavian style is more about natural materials and lighter colours.

Add Internal Blinds That Fit Any Style

These internal blinds not only regulate the amount of light that goes through your windows, providing you with better sleep, but they’re also so elegant and stylish. Adding internal blinds like those that Suncoast Shade Sails make, for instance, is essential for any bedroom style because they create a cozy, laidback atmosphere that we all want to have in our sleeping area.

Tropical Look

We’ve talked about muted colours – both darker and lighter tones – and now it’s time to add a little bit of brighter hues. The important thing to note here is to not go overboard. It’s nice to have some brighter tones around your bedroom, but nothing too beaming or radiant. Opt for the tropical look and you can’t go wrong. Add large scale leaf prints, verdant green hues, and bursts of tropical flowers, and you’ll have an interesting-looking style for your sleeping area while at the same time preserving that relaxed and leisurely vibe.

Add Some Unique Elements to Create a Vintage Look for Your Bedroom

If you’re a fan of the rustic, vintage look, we’d recommend you to add some unique elements that are going to fit nicely with the rest of the surroundings. For example, you can put an old lamp or a vintage cabinet to keep your clothes in. And just like with the tropical style, we suggest you go easy here: don’t add too many elements because this area is primarily for sleeping and any distractions might cause you troubles to fall asleep or go to bed on time.

Country Bedroom Look

While we’re on the subject of rustic and vintage, you might want to consider opting for a country bedroom look. We recommend you to add soft colours, few pots of greenery to spice things up a bit and that charming country farmhouse bedroom can be your resting place.

Art Deco Look

And if you’re not exactly a fan of soft colours and you’re all about the glamour, opulent design, and frivolous style, we also got you covered. The Art Deco design might be just the right thing for you: you can experiment with rich colours, shimmering metallics, and ornate geometrics as much as you like. Nothing screams ’glam’ louder than Art Deco.

Victorian Bedroom

The Victorian bedroom look is another chic style that should be a no-brainer to anyone who wants to redecorate their sleeping area. But you should consider this option only if it fits the rest of the surroundings: these Victorian-style elements can look a bit too much if the rest of your home is not the same way.


In this article, we’ve given you some ideas on how to make your bedroom more stylish. Implement these tips and tricks and you’ll definitely feel and sleep better in this area of your home.

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