Bedroom Decor Guide – all you need to know

How much attention do you pay to your bedroom decor? For most people, the answer would be- very scarce attention. This might be due to a couple of reasons such as the fact that very few people have actual access to our bedrooms.

If you are reading this article, chances are for some important reason, you have simply decided to give your bedroom a new look.

Well, we have compiled necessary tips on how to go about your new mission- rebranding your bedroom. Follow-through:

Pay attention to the ceiling

The days of standard white are over. We move!

We have evolved into an era where with a little touch on your ceiling, you can spice up the entire room. In fact, when it comes to decorating, think of your ceiling as the fifth wall of the room- in that case, overlooking it might not be such a great idea.

The first step to giving your room that dream look would be banishing your ceiling’s boring white. Start with deciding on a suitable color for its painting. You should put in mind the paints used on the walls and the color of the furnishings.

If your walls and furnishings are of a neutral color, consider using the main color- possibly a bright one- on your ceiling. It would be very welcoming!


Creatively Decorate Your Bed

Putting a unique insignia in your room through the use of decorations goes beyond throwing some paints on the wall or buying new furniture- it’s much more. In your new mission, you would need to add a strong color element on the focal point of your room; probably with the aid of a suitable bedspread.

Your bedsheets should introduce a superb vibe into your room. Whether through the use of neutral colours or brighter ones, make sure your tastes blends perfectly into the room.

Speaking of bedspreads, you might want to check out Boll and branch sheets. Apart from their uncommon beauty, with the aid of sateen weave embedded within it, you can be rest assured of a silky, cozy and smooth feel. And of course you should know the equivalent of that- an enviable night rest.

Pay Attention to Suitable Lighting

Do not underrate the importance of good lighting for your bedroom.

Ambient lighting would be perfect for strong illumination, while a small lamp would fit on your reading table. Again, you could employ the use of accent lightning to softly throw dim light at your walls.

So you won’t fall during your midnight adventures to the restroom, consider getting a bedside lamp with a moveable arm (to enhance focus).

Choose the Right Size of Furniture

Aside from your bed, your furniture could be a good gateway to the dreamland- choosing tough and small ones would not be too good. Although, you have got to know the size of room you are dealing with.

Before setting out to the store to purchase some furniture, get a floor plan of your room. Try to fit in the amount of furniture you have in mind and of course -their sizes-, into your floor plan. You should be able to make maximum use of the space while maintaining an unfussy environment.

Do not forget to keep the colours of the furniture in tune with the general appeal of the room.

Wrapping Up.

It doesn’t stop there. You have got to be unique- so, create your own style of decor.

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