Bathroom Renovation: 5 Mistakes to Avoid!

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Choosing sanitary installations, furniture, walls, floors, lighting, etc. When you’re renovating your bathroom, you can quickly get overwhelmed. To limit the nasty surprises, here are 5 mistakes to avoid when renovating your bathroom!


1.   Not setting a budget

For each element of the bathroom, there’s such a wide range of options – more or less useful, depending on your habits – that it’s hard to restrain yourself. Once you get caught up in this spiral, you risk choosing equipment that goes far beyond your expectations. The result: you spend much more than your budget, without being more satisfied with your new bathroom…

Before starting the renovation, therefore, you should identify your real needs and precisely define your project. This will also let you balance your budget and your expenses according to your priorities.


2.   Not making a plan for your new bathroom

Along the same lines as the previous point, don’t dive headfirst into your project without establishing a plan for your new bathroom. Above all, if you lack room, the space will have to be optimized. To this end, it’s essential to create a specific plan for the future room, preferably with a professional.

Plan out all the elements: toilets, shower and/or bathtub, sink(s), storage cabinets, etc. And don’t forget the essential ventilation and electrical installations (power outlets, lighting)! This preliminary step will prevent nasty surprises and let you choose the equipment suited to your project.


3.   Starting your renovation alone

If you’re a handyman, you might prefer to renovate your bathroom yourself. But be aware that each room is subject to many constraints in terms of security and quality (durable waterproof coatings, electrical standards, ventilation systems, etc.).

So that everything works out for the best, it’s therefore ideal to rely on a bathroom renovation specialist for your custom projects!


4.   Renovating with poor-quality equipment

To save money while renovating your bathroom, it can be tempting to buy equipment at a lower price. Big mistake!

By choosing low-quality installations, you’ll pay less at first, but the quality won’t be up to par. You’ll therefore have to replace them after just a few years, while a bathroom renovation should last 10 to 20 years. Installing a high-quality (and thus more durable) shower is therefore a much better option than buying two lower-quality ones!

In addition, higher-end equipment also helps you reduce your consumption (particularly of water and electricity), thus allowing you to save money every day.

Here too, ask an expert for advice; they’ll help you identify the equipment to optimize your costs.


5.   Choosing installations that aren’t suitable for your bathroom

Are you tempted by a splendid Italian shower or a majestic double sink made of marble? While a bathroom renovation is an opportunity to treat yourself, not all equipment is suitable for all bathrooms.

Indeed, you should consider several constraints, such as the architecture of the room, the water inlets, the placement of the air vents, the ceiling height, and the electrical installations. Depending on the situation, the installation of your dreams can be done easily or it may require some serious work. Ask yourself whether it’s really worth it to embark on such a project – it’ll be simply impossible.



Your bathroom renovation will go more smoothly if you take the time to define your project and choose the equipment suited to your needs, ideally with a professional.


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