Are you budget-constrained? Here’s how you can renovate the house

Home renovations are not easy. Multiple decisions are to be made, and quite a lot of money to be spent. As per Statista, in the US alone, the total home renovation expenditure of 2018 amounted to a whopping 394 billion US dollars.

On average, people tend to spend a huge amount on home improvements, ranging from house decorating to repairing. However, if you do your house renovations the right way, the result itself makes it worth the hassle. After all, most of us wish to live in a beautiful house. But, what if you don’t want to spend an exuberant amount of money on home improvements?

Does this mean you won’t get to live in a visually appealing house?

No! Even if you are budget-constrained, you can still renovate your house efficiently. Here is how.


  1. Fix a budget

There was a time when people went into the grueling task of home renovation without setting a budget.

Since the various aspects of home improvements can differ in prices depending on where you purchase your resources and services from, not setting a budget often leads to overspending

This trend has recently shifted. Now, more and more people define their budget before beginning to renovate their houses.

Compared to 2015, where only 69 percent of customers did so, in 2017, 77 percent of people set their budget before renovating their homes.

It is safe to assume that the percentage would have increased in the next two years.

So, the first thing you must-do if you don’t wish to spend endlessly on your house is to set a clear budget. Don’t just come up with a number out of the blue. Instead, do some research. Cost estimator tools, like those delivered by SmartReno can be of immense help.

Compare the costs of different services. Gauge your needs and then select a realistic budget.


  1. Clean up

Clutter can be a menace. Yet, it is a habit that most people end up getting into. According to a SpareFoot Survey, over one-fourth of Americans agree that their houses are too cluttered.

Clutter doesn’t just affect your mood and mental health adversely. Instead, it also makes you opt for costly home renovations when such steps are not even needed.

To have better clarity of your home improvement needs, you should begin by cleaning up each room of your house. Stack away each item and clean the space out. You will then start to observe your house’s interior and structure better.

You can then proceed to visualize how you want your household items to be arranged for a better aesthetic finish.

Knowing how to rearrange your furniture can significantly improve the results of any home renovation efforts, whether it be something as simplistic as a wall painting or something as extreme as complete remodeling.


  1. Focus on your kitchen

Updated and remodeled kitchens are one of the most sought-after elements in a new house.

A magnificent modern kitchen can beautify any house. Therefore, make sure you allocate a significant chunk of your budget to kitchen remodeling, in case your kitchen doesn’t meet the modern standards.

What would it take?

Well, all you need to do is update to wood stove parts for an earthy look, lay new kitchen tiles for a smoother finish, and get a kitchen island. These are the three main elements of modern kitchens!

Here are some other trends of kitchen renovation in 2019.

  • Quartz countertops are more in use than granite countertops
  • High-tech faucets are in demand


  1. Windows are not always the solution

Do you think your house isn’t getting enough light?

The first thing you might consider doing is building new windows. Rather than cutting huge holes in your homes, you can find a windowless way to light up your rooms.

Make sure to choose energy-efficient bulbs to ensure that the money you saved during a home renovation is not spent on utility bills.

Even if you do opt for more windows, rather than building many small ones, create a big one in a strategic location that allows maximum natural light to come in.


  1. Choose a theme for your walls

It is common for homeowners to wish for each room of their houses to have a different theme and color.

But, this is a very tricky road to take. If you end up selecting colors that clash one another, your house itself won’t feature a consistent mood. Not to mention that choosing different colored palettes for each room is not cheap.

Instead of this, it is cheaper and better to choose a single theme for all the walls of your house. Currently, coral and aqua colors are quite in trend. But, you can also go with the classic white and black walls.

It all depends on the vibe you want your house to give off.


  1. Use traditional decorations

It isn’t necessary that your house can only look good through a complete remodel. What you put in your home also plays a role in the overall look of your abode.

Uplift the aura of your house by adding traditional decorations to the various rooms. For instance, something as simple as a candle can end up looking homely and also compensate for the lighting requirements of a given space.

Similarly, a quality rug can help cover any small damages that your floor has incurred over the years. This will prove to be a comparatively cost-efficient method than changing all the flooring. But, remember that if your floor has started to show significant cracks, it might be time to invest in it.


Ending Remarks

You can renovate your house even when you are on a budget. You need to know the right tricks. And now, you know!

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