8 Outdoor Improvement Projects that Will Add Value to Your Home

People often get too carried away with all the interior house projects. And in all that, they forget that the outside look of the house and the front and back yard can add value to the house, too.

Because who wouldn’t want to live in a nice house with a nice front yard, and not to mention what kind of hidden gem can a back yard be.

If you’d like to add more value to your home, check out these couple of outdoor improvement projects to get some ideas.

The look of the house façade

The first thing everyone notices when they look at the house is the exterior of it. You’d want your house to be the best-looking house in the neighborhood, wouldn’t you? Plus, the house façade can add a lot of value to your home.

That’s why you should invest some time and money in taking care of the outside look of your house. You can do this by simply cleaning your façade with a pressure washer or you can go a step further and completely change the exterior of your home by investing in some nice stone veneers.

The first solution is often less expensive and all it takes is a pressure washer to clean all the grime and slime that piles onto the façade over the years.

However, house facades are made of different materials such as metal, wood, stone, glass and so on. Because of this, it’s highly important that you take special care when washing your façade because you can easily damage it with the pressure washer. You can do this by checking out a range of different adjustable high-pressure cleaners that won’t be too harsh on your façade material.

If you’re more interested in completely updating your façade, you can do this by purchasing and installing nice stone veneers on your outside walls. This move can be very beneficial in case you’re looking to up the value of your home.

Change all the doors and windows on your house

Doing a facelift on your house can be easily done – just change all the doors and windows on it. These changes are of a cosmetic kind but can be very cost-effective, too.

If just changing your front door can be so effective, imagine how good it would be if you could change all the windows as well?

If that’s a bit too much for you, you can easily give them a fresh coat of paint and they’ll look as good as new. In case your house has windows with shutters, you can play around with these too. You can change your window shutters and you’ll notice how different your house looks after just that one change.

It doesn’t take much to make the outside of your house look nice. Just give your windows and doors a little bit of TLC and the value of your home will increase significantly.

Front and back yard landscaping

Your house probably needs more curb appeal or a bit of refreshing at least. Generally, landscaping can increase the value of your house by a lot.

If you invest just a bit of your time and money into the landscaping, your house value can increase by a couple of thousands of dollars at least. Plus, you’d be taking care of your environment.

You can enhance the look of your property by just adding some slight changes to your landscape, and investing in plants that can have a lot of positive environmental benefits.

Stick with a ‘less is more’ principle and you can go wrong. Add hedges to your front yard – they can act as a fence and give you some privacy. They are also easy to maintain and they look nice.

When it comes to the back yard, depending on what you like, you can make anything from easy to maintain landscape to a Zen retreat. It is entirely up to you and your taste.

Adding decking/patio and pergola

A good way to boost your house value is by adding an outside living room area. This can be an added plus if you like spending time outdoors.

Consider adding a deck area to your house or maybe even a concrete patio. You can add either an attached or detached wooden deck easy to maintain or you can go for something more durable like a concrete patio.

Patios are usually less expensive than decks, but both offer great benefits and both add a value boost to your house. Choosing between decks and patios depends entirely on your budget and your likes and dislikes.

Another boost to the value of your house can be made by adding a pergola. Pergolas, depending on their size, can add more market value to any house. They come in different shapes and sizes, from small front door ones to huge retractable ones that can withstand bending. For example, highly durable Aristo pergola acts like a retractable roof system that allows you to spend time outdoors all year round.

Outdoor living room ambiance

If you have installed your decking and pergola, you are then halfway done. Now comes the time for decorating and making this space comfortable.

This outdoor space is ideal for entertaining, plus it adds some extra space to your home. You can have a field day decorating and designing this space. You can add rugs and mats, comfortable seating and tables. You can even add a bar or a fireplace to this space.

Or if you’re going with a certain theme for your outdoor living space, such as Moroccan-style or maybe Japanese garden theme, then you have to choose your outdoor furniture and decorations accordingly.

For Moroccan themed outdoor living room, you should choose colorful rugs and pillows, Moroccan-style lamps and lanterns, a day bed, and so on. If you’re leaning towards the Japanese Zen garden theme, then make sure to choose bamboo furniture.

And if you like your BBQ parties, invest in a BBQ cooker or steamer and you can have your parties any time of the year.

Use this additional square footage of your home for entertaining or just to relax and enjoy after a long day.

You wouldn’t believe how much value this outdoor space can add to the house. You won’t be wrong if you decide to invest some money into making this space top-notch.

Firepit or fireplace

Fire pits are ideal if you live in colder places. They are great for family and friend gatherings and just enjoying your time in the outdoors.

Fire pits are easy to make and easy to maintain. They re also easy DIY improvement projects.

A nice fire pit can make your back yard feel cozy and comfortable. And they can also add some value to the property.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more complex, you can add an outdoor fireplace. This kind of thing can add an additional luxury factor to your back yard.

A swimming pool, maybe?

Installing a swimming pool can be a great and fun idea, and it can also add value to your home. A big chunk of your budget will probably go on the instalment of this construction, but in the end, it will boost the market value of your house and you’ll have a way to cool off during hot summer days. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

Outdoor lighting

There’s nothing more soothing than sitting and relaxing with a glass of wine in a nicely lit back yard after a long day at work.

Outdoor lighting creates a nice ambiance in your garden and even in the front yard. You can install solar lighting that doesn’t use electricity or you can invest in motion lights. Just imagine how much curb appeal you’ll get if you add a stylish lamppost.

For your outdoor living space, you can add nice lighting to your pergolas such as string lighting or built-in lights.

Additionally, you can highlight your back yard trees by adding spotlights under them. This can create a moonlight effect in the tree foliage, making your back yard even more magical.

All in all, nice outdoor lighting can add so much character to both your front and back yard. It can create a special atmosphere and it can add additional value to your home.


You can always find an outdoor project that can improve the overall look of your house and property which can add value to your home. You can do these projects separately, one by one, in order to make it easier on your budget. In the end, what matters the most is that you like and enjoy the final product. Meaning that you are satisfied with the outside look of your home.

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