7 Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Carpet

Do you know what could be hiding in your carpet fibers? Carpets are some of the most used items in our homes as they not only add to the décor of the house but also keep our feet feeling warm and comfortable.

Despite them being so commonly used, people often forget about the fact that there could be microscopic organisms living deep in the carpet fibers. When you neglect the dust, allergens, dirt, human and pet hair, and the bacteria living in carpets, you could end up sick. That’s why you are advised to regularly clean your carpets.

Whether you live alone or with several people, your cleaning routine should include the carpet. Here are 7 good reasons to do so.

1.      Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet

Carpet prices vary and while some are expensive, some are relatively cheaper. Regardless, you spent money on them and it only makes sense to ensure that you get the full use out of them. To do this, you should clean your carpet regularly.

Remember, they’re always being stepped on, sometimes drinks or food spills on them and when these are not taken care of through proper cleaning, they could result in permanent staining. Therefore, regular cleaning using the extraction method goes a long way in protecting your carpet to prolong its lifespan.

2.      It improves air quality

Unpleasant things have a way of thriving in dirty carpets and in the process, they easily get kicked into the air we breathe. Some of these unpleasant things include dirt, toxic gas remnants, dust, or pesticides which are air pollutants that could make us sick.

You should, therefore, make it a point to clean your carpets regularly so that you do not find yourself breathing in a cloud of allergens and other harmful substances.

3.      A clean carpet enhances the room’s appearance

You may be in a room with clean surfaces, clear windows, and clean doors but if your carpet has not been cleaned in a while, it will make the entire space look unkempt. This will turn off anyone who enters the room.

Having a regular carpet cleaning schedule not only makes your space look its best but also enhances the feel of the room. After all, everyone appreciates walking on a fluffy, clean carpet.

4.      Regular cleaning eliminates unpleasant smells

A dirty carpet could lead to the production of a very noticeable smell. This is not only uncomfortable but can also be very embarrassing especially if you’re having guests. It’s a problem that cannot be hidden once it’s around.

However, you can prevent or combat these unpleasant smells by maintaining a regular carpet cleaning schedule. Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet to help remove the odor. Leave it for a few hours or a day before vacuuming the carpet.

5.      It makes daily maintenance easy

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned regularly makes your daily carpet maintenance easy. That’s because you will not be struggling to get through layers of dirt while you are vacuuming. Failure to clean your carpets regularly will lead to a build-up of many harmful contaminants that are hard to fight.

6.      Cleaning your carpet increases productivity

Believe it or not, the level of productivity in the office or at home is greatly influenced by cleanliness. If your carpet remains dirty it could cause anxiety for employees, customers, or people living with you.

A clean carpet, however, enhances their productivity as it keeps them healthier too. It will give your business an even more professional feel and will make your house more pristine.

7.      Eliminates Hidden Pests And Allergens

Uninvited guests could be living in your carpet if you’ve never given a thought of cleaning it. Beneath the soft surface, you could find pests like beetles, moths, and fleas breeding undetected. You’ll also have microscopic pests like dust mites and allergens, which trigger allergies.

Vacuuming is often an effective method to get rid of larger pests like moths and beetles. However, steam cleaning is the better option for killing tiny pests like dust mites. Either way, if you don’t want any uninvited guests in your home, you’ll want to start cleaning the carpet.


As you can see, there are so many reasons why you need to clean your carpets regularly, mostly related to your health. It is also important to know which material your carpet is made of so that you know which cleaning materials to use and the right method too. This prevents you from damaging your carpet and ensures you have it looking great for a longer period.

There are different types of carpet materials that require different cleaning methods. They include:

a) Nylon

Nylon is very strong and resistant to the soil. It can maintain its shape for a while but produces static electricity when you use abrasives on it.

b) Olefin

It is a polypropylene carpet that’s very strong and gives you a wool-like feel or texture. One should dye it to make it strong and avoid exposing it to the sun’s rays which could affect its appearance.

c) Polyester

It’s a synthetic carpet that’s resistant to stains and moisture. It’s very easy to clean off. Failure to clean it will make it clump into piles.

d) Acrylic

It has a wool-like body that’s more resistant to stains and does not fade as much as other carpets.

e) Wool

Wool carpets are very appealing because of how carefully the fibers have been woven to make them resistant to dirt. These carpets also resist stains well. They are stronger and more durable.

f) Triexta

This is a synthetic carpet that just like wool, is popular for its strong fibers which make it less prone to tearing.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been kicking up bags of dust off the carpet, it’s high time to get some serious cleaning done. Yet, it’s still wiser to stick to a regular routine to prevent nasty surprises hiding in it.

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