7 Clear Signs You Need to Install a Whole House Water Filter

A good home filtration system eliminates the exposure to chlorine when consuming water for drinking, cooking, and even bathing as more chlorine spread over sinks and showers. It is a good value for your money because it is a reliable filtration system that can eliminate sediments, dirt, contaminants, toxic substances and organisms to safeguard your health and as well as home pieces of equipment. By eliminating all those impurities, water filtration will provide better tasting and improved smell of drinking water. Water filters extract lead from drinking water shortly before ingestion so this dangerous substance is prevented from reaching the body.

In this article, we will discuss clear signs that you need to install a whole house water filter.

1.    The home was constructed long ago

If your home was constructed many years ago, there is a risk that lead could leak from lead-based pipes or the lead solder used to seal openings on copper lines into the water in your home. Lead tubing has been widely used in water supply systems until the negative health effects of lead contamination have been identified. Such systems had eventually been banned in modern plumbing systems.

Though banned in 1986, the infrastructure installed before the ban still exists. Apart from the disgusting taste, lead can escalate to serious health problems and is damaging to young children. When you think lead comes from your home in the water, that can be easily eliminated with a proper filtration device. You can see top models here with the pros and cons listed to help you choose the best whole house water filter for your home. Lead reaches water primarily through the leakage of corroded pipes and plumbing equipment.

2.   Your household uses water from a well

Many homes also make good use of well water, as some wells are safe to use and provide clean and good water. However, chemicals as well as other pesticides have been extensively used which have polluted wells. You may think about using carbon filters, but sadly those filters will not do the work of eliminating any of the more dangerous contaminants that may be present in the water. You would need to install a whole house filtration system to ensure the water is clean in your home.

3.   You spend a lot of money on plumbing repairs

When you regularly spend on plumbing repairs, the installation of a water filter at home can make a huge saving. In unfiltered water heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals can cause harm to your plumbing system. It could impact not only the pipes but also other household appliances that use water. This includes the water dispenser, ice maker for the refrigerator, garbage disposal, washing machine, and dishwasher. When using filtered water, you can lessen plumbing repairs, and lower your maintenance bills.


4.   The clothes look stained after washing

The chemicals in unclean tap water will leave residues on clothes over time, which will cause them to look differently. This may also cause rashes and allergies. Moreover, unclean water triggers a buildup of soap scum on your clothing. You may notice that your clothes are getting discolored by washing. Water that has high levels of iron can give light-colored clothing a rusty shade, and hard water can leave the fabrics looking dark and with an extra bit of gray.

To eliminate iron, minerals, sediments, and other toxins, you need an all-house water treatment system that leaves clothes looking fresh after washing. An under-sink filter could not solve the problem and as a remedy, you need an entire house filtration. A whole house filter is mounted on the main water supply pipe where it goes into your home.

5.   You are cleaning frequently

To some extent, it is natural to clean and scrub your home. However, if you notice your tub, bathroom, or sink being scrubbed regularly to clean up a mess, this could be an indication that your water has been too hard. What this means is that the amounts of calcium and magnesium found in hard water are increased. Building up of calcium deposits by hard water influences water pressure and overall water quality.

Limescale deposits get all over the surfaces of your tub and destroy showerheads. This tendency allows you to wash more than normal as these chemicals impede the proper functioning of soap and other cleaners and merely rinse away with water. An integrated water filtration system in the home works the same as a water softener. It will help you clean your body, your dishes, and your clothes using less soap. Hard water contains minerals that prevent the ionic action of soap, thus minimizing its cleaning strength.

6.   Your water tastes awful

Poor drinking water is among the most popular factors why we all need to invest in a water filtration system in our property. There seem to be a couple of aspects that can impact the way water tastes or smells which are referenced as musty odor or smell of wood. Scents of chlorine are present due to its use in the urban water treatment process.

Metallic tastes are derived from mercury, lead, arsenic, and iron that spills into the supply of water. Through investing in a whole house water system, everybody will benefit from being able to drink water straight from a tap instead of relying on water bottles.

7.   You are experiencing frequent digestive conditions

Have you experienced frequent stomach pain? That is because many bacteria can be present in the water, and many microscopic organisms exist in water sources that have not been properly treated. Filtration can kill parasites which can cause intestinal and digestive diseases. Water filters remove contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, and bacteria, which cause drinking water to have an undesirable taste and smell. The home-water filtration system should enhance your drinking water’s overall clarity, taste, and smell. It even decreases the pH of the water you are drinking.


Having a whole house filtration you will guarantee that contaminants are eliminated from the water you and your family drink. The water will be incredibly clear, pleasant, and most significantly safe for everyone, especially young kids. We hope this article has been helpful!

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