6 Ways To Improve Garage Lighting

Most of the time, overlooking the garage is a very common practice. The poorly-lit garage set-up is a clear indication of the same. Dim lighting makes it very difficult to navigate (especially at night) and makes a person extremely susceptible to fall and vulnerable to sustain any damage caused due to eye strain. The multi-functionality of a garage is one of the major reasons to keep it properly lit. Be it for parking purposes, Do-It-Yourself workshops or as a storage unit, a well-lit garage can play a vital role in improving the overall utilization of the space. So here are 6 brilliant ways to light your garage in a proper as well as an aesthetic way for a complete transformation!

Go for a window

One of the most common images of a typical garage is that it tends to be a four-cornered, dimly lit, suffocating room. It does not have to be this way. An additional window to let the sunlight peep in can alter the entire look and usage of a garage, besides helping you save on electricity bills and making the space more airy and comfortable. You can opt to add a window either on the side walls or on the garage doors. To complement the rustic style of one’s house, frosted windows on the top of the wooden doors give an amazing final touch.  Make sure to consider adding a security device as an added measure.

The Power of LED

Say goodbye to your regular incandescent bulbs and become the user of LED bulbs. LED lights are not just very efficient in energy utilization but also provide brighter lighting for any task, that too at a very low wattage. You can easily replace your regular incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs in garage door openers.

Your overhead light is just not sufficient 

You must go for multiple lighting setups given the performance of a wide variety of tasks in the garage. You must include the usage of all the three types of lights. The Ambient lighting is the mild glow (unlike harsh lighting) that is just adequate for one to pass by. This lighting type creates a very soothing atmosphere. For soft ambient lighting, LED floor lights provide ample of subtle yet sufficient brightness. You can incorporate them either at the edges of the floor or at the baseboard. The Accent lights are the ones that are concentrated with the intention of being very catchy. These add a dramatic touch. One of the most trendy ways to augment the accent lighting is by using  LED wall lights. These do not just look very contemporary by also have a lot of functional usages.The use of task lighting is for working on minute tasks, as it provides a more focused brightness. Use LED tubes or LED bulbs of bright color to perform specific organizational tasks.

Brighter walls for better lighting

The color of your walls can also contribute a lot to the overall brightness of your garage. Dull and dark colors tend to absorb the light, making the atmosphere very lethargic and the lighting dim. Opt for brighter colors like white, to enhance the radiance of natural lighting. The most effective and the easiest way to accomplish the same is by painting the ceiling white.

Buy your Bulbs more carefully

Besides choosing bulbs of the correct wattage, you must also keep in mind to go for bulbs with a high Color Rendering Index. This ensures to give a very natural lighting effect to your ambiance. Measure the size of your garage and hence determine the lumens of light that will be enough to serve your requirements. 50 lumens/sq ft is more than sufficient for ambient lighting, while the light has to be 6 times brighter to act as task lights. There is a requirement of lights to be of  75 lumens/ sq ft to count as accent lights.

Brighten your garage by adding a skylight

While remodeling your garage, adding skylight is one of the best options that you can come across. Skylight does not just add ample natural lighting but also brings out the creative edge of your space. The appealing design will make your garage appear to be a livelier place.

A sustainable garage needs very frequent garage door repair to prevent any termite damages and to let the doors work efficiently and effectively. Maintenance of the garage door is also necessary to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal.

Incorporate as many ideas as you deem to be feasible in order to not leave your garage feel neglected. After all, your garage is also a part of your abode and it doesn’t have to be monotonous. A brighter garage will pave the way to a better style of living.

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