6 Things to do to prepare your home for winter

The air is colder, leaves have fallen, and the smell of winter is in the air. We can feel it, the winter is just around the corner. In order to enjoy winter to the fullest, you need to get your home ready for it. Extreme colds, storms, and especially thaw can cause major damage. To avoid disasters, here are 6 things to do to prepare your home for the winter.


Examine your Doors and Windows

First, make sure your doors and windows are draft-free. If the cold air is allowed to enter your house during the winter, it will end up costing you a lot of money to heat. Check your caulking, if you notice any damage, repair it with a sealant, such as “Flextra”.? You may want to consider adding a layer of plastic to the inside of your larger windows in order to reduce the amount of heat loss. Then, inspect the caulking around your doors, if it’s damaged, repair it the same way as the windows. You will also want to check to see if any water gets under your door sill, if it does, then replace that. Also, check your weatherstripping. If it is necessary, replace them with something that is suitable for your door. Finally, remove and store away your mosquito screens, so that they are not damaged by the snow.

Inspect your Chimney

Secondly, if your house is heated with wood, take a close look at your fireplace and chimney. Check the joints in the roof and the mortar between the bricks. If there are any holes, then seal them. Then use a brush to clean the chimney, if necessary, use a chimney sweep. You will also need to check the hood and fire screen. Once completed, check the batteries of your smoke detector.

Look for Cracks

Thirdly, go around your house and look for any cracks that have appeared from water that has accumulated in the crevices that will expand when it freezes. This can cause major damage. Inspect your floors, check the brick walls and fill the cracks with caulking. If you notice any damaged seals, ensure that you repair or replace them. Examine the exhaust outlets of the dryer, stove and other appliances, replacing any sealant that has become damaged. Next, either get on the roof yourself, or hire a professional, to fill any cracks with a sealant. While you are up there, also take a look at the gutters. Remove all the leaves and make sure that the gutters are securely attached to the house. Finally, check your plumbing vent, it’s usually made out of rubber so seal it if necessary.


Clear your Yard

On your land, store away all summer items. Clean the patio table and chairs with soapy water before putting them away, and do the same for the cushions. If you don’t have space to put your patio furniture away, cover it with slipcovers made for this purpose. Then, bring in the plants, pots, lamps, toys, and hoses.

Protect your Plants

Before the first frost, cover your hardy plants with ground or straw to protect them. Then, take time to clean your garden. Pick up the leaves on the ground, remove any weeds, and chop off the dead flowers. Protect your bushes by putting wood or jute panels around them.

Prepare your Driveway

Finally, if you do not have a garage at home, you can choose to use a carport. Make sure that it is securely attached to the ground with anchors. If your driveway is made up of asphalt, fill in any cracks that you may find, otherwise, they might turn into big holes when spring arrives. You may also want to coat the surface of the driveway to protect it. Lastly, use poles to mark the limits of your driveway, this will help the snow removers.

There you go, your house is all set for winter. These steps will take a few days to complete, so we suggest you combine business with pleasure and get the whole family involved!

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