6 Signs You Need A Garage Door Spring Repair

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to provide maintenance to the different built structures inside your property. Your house’s value can go down once the needed repairs are neglected. Among the house structures that you should keep a close eye on is your garage door, which is an essential part of your property’s security system. Garage doors are made up of complex parts that work together to give you a door that opens and closes without issues. If one major part breaks or snaps out of place, it could bring down the other door parts and slow down your garage door operation.


If your garage door problem involves the torsion or extension spring, be sure to consult with a licensed garage door contractor right away. A garage door spring repair is an emergency issue, and hence, requires the professional’s immediate attention. Your garage door cannot go back to its regular operation unless a proper spring repair is conducted since it could leave you with serious injuries and/or property damage. To know when you should call a garage door spring repair service, check out these top 5 warning signs:


Heavy door weight

If you tried to manually open the door, but it feels heavier than usual, there is a possibility that the springs require repair or replacement. It is the main responsibility of the spring to hold or support the door’s weight. When it breaks, your garage door becomes dead weight and falls to the floor extremely fast. Many people believe that a heavy garage door indicates an opener problem, when in fact, it is 100% related to garage door springs.


Loud disturbing sounds

Do you hear a loud disturbing sound coming from your garage? When you are at home at the time your garage door spring breaks, you will hear a loud banging sound that is similar to a broken window or fallen storage boxes. Without close inspection, you will not be able to notice a broken spring. So, it is highly advisable to call the pros in such a situation.


Crooked door

Aside from assisting with the opening and closing motion of the door, springs are also the reason your garage door does not come off track. The extension springs affixed at either side of the door pull the door independently, so when one spring breaks, the doors lean towards one functioning side, resulting in a crooked door. A crooked door must be fixed immediately since it exposes your valuables to the weather and disrupts your interior’s insulation system.


Loose garage door cables

One way to determine if you have a worn-out garage door spring is by observing the cables. If cables become loose or are completely disconnected from the door, a torsion spring issue is likely. A tightly-wound spring keeps the cable in place; when the spring uncoils, the cables slip out of place. Never troubleshoot loose cables on your own and call for a skilled and experienced contractor to protect your safety.


Noticeable gaps in torsion springs

A well-functioning garage door consists of one or two tightly wound torsion springs. When the spring becomes unwound, it leaves a noticeable gap. Contact your trusted local garage door company to solve the problem before it gets worse.


Jerky door movement

If your garage door seems to be a bit jerky,  it is the sign you need to call for a professional garage door inspection. A safe and functional garage door should be able to run smoothly; otherwise, it could be experiencing a damaged or broken spring.


The importance of a professional garage door spring repair


A broken or damaged garage door spring is a clear threat to your family and home. If you suspect a spring issue, immediately call for professional help and avoid fixing the door on your own. A licensed and experienced garage door contractor can best identify whether or not you will need a spring repair or a complete spring replacement. Consult with the pros today, whether through a personal visit or a phone call.

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