6 Security Home Measures You Overlooked

A lot of people believe that their home doesn’t contain enough valuables in order to become a target, which makes them skip this step in its entirety. However, what you need to understand is the fact that burglars base their decision of where to break-in based on the risk-to-reward dynamic. What this means is that if the reward is high enough, burglary is worth their while even if the risk is slightly higher.

However, following this same logic, even a moderate reward is good enough if there’s no risk involved, which means that your home might be a potential threat even if potential loot is moderate (at very best). Here are six home security measures that you overlooked and that you need to tend to as soon as possible.

1.    Don’t let strangers come in

The majority of professional burglars won’t break into a home without previously doing the reconnaissance of the place. What this means is that they’ll enter to check out the layout of the place under one pretext or another. So, don’t invite “professionals” from agencies that you haven’t sought out and always ask for their ID before allowing them inside. Keep in mind that you and your family can never be too safe. Also, keep in mind that they might be studying your schedule and that they’re likely to strike when no one’s home. So, avoid announcing vacations on social networks. You never know who’s listening.

2.    Replace lock upon moving in

Upon moving into a new place you need to keep in mind that replacing a lock is the first priority. Sure, a previous owner might have been a nice person, however, do you really know them that well and are you willing to risk your security based on your judgment of character? Second, can you say the same for the resident who came before them? Second, you have no idea which relatives, pet sitters, babysitters, house sitters and angry exes have the keys to the place, as well. It’s far safer to simply not take any risks, especially seeing as how inexpensive it is to just install a new lock.

Lastly, if your key goes missing, you might want to replace the lock, just in case. It’s sometimes hard to tell if the key is lost or stolen and it’s another risk you shouldn’t be taking. All you have to do is to type a phrase – quality locksmith near me in your search box and see your options. Needless to say, this is the issue that can be resolved anywhere between several days and hours.

3.    The surroundings are incredibly important

The approach to your home is one of the things that may attract or deter potential burglars. The first thing that they’ll look out for is the nighttime illumination. Second, they’ll look for potential cover in the form of a shrub, vine or a clutter. Also, the terrain around your home is quite important. Gravel is squeaky, which is why it is a far better deterrent than grass or concrete. You see, it increases the chance that a potential intruder will alert the inhabitants while approaching an entry point (a door or a window). Overall, the surroundings are vital to your security.

4.    Kick-in resistance

The majority of people presume that burglars will try to gently break into your place under the veil of the night and aim for complete silence. Sure, this is true in a lot of cases but it’s not universally true. Sometimes, they will use far more aggressive methods like relying on brute force in order to get inside. In order to avoid this what you should do is boost your front door’s kick-in resistance. Mounting an extra metal plate, replacing screws with some larger ones and adding extra layers to the doorframe can do the trick.

5.    Alarm system

The importance of a proper alarm system cannot be stressed out enough. There are so many situations in which people get paralyzed by fear when they find themselves in a life-threatening situation like burglary. The thing is that you can’t guarantee that, in this scenario, you will be able to react properly, which is why you need to try to automate your protection mechanisms. One of these methods is the alarm system. Seeing as how this method is internal, chances are that it won’t be noticed by a professional burglar ahead of time, which is why it will scare them upon entry and possibly make them flee immediately.

6.    Surveillance system

One last thing you need to consider is the surveillance system that has a double-fold function. First, it helps you detect intruders without leaving the safety of your home. Second, seeing as how it’s visible from the outside, it can be a powerful deterrent. An intruder may notice it and decide to settle for an easier prey, thus completely avoiding your household.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, none of the above-listed is particularly expensive and even if it were, it’s not like you can put a price tag on the safety of your family and your household. It’s not just about the damage and financial loss, it’s also about physical safety and peace of mind, both of which are completely invaluable.

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