6 Kitchen Ideas For 2020

It’s a brand new decade, so what better time to start looking into changing up your kitchen? Whether it’s a full remodel or just some touch-ups, there’s no dearth of ideas for changing things up. We’re here to get you started today, so read on and let’s explore some fantastic ways to change up your boring kitchen!

1. Creative Backsplashes

You don’t have to settle for traditional backsplashes… if you even have one.

Even better, you don’t have to be an expert to install a great one. Unusual materials are trending, and it’s a surprising fact that many of these materials are easier to apply than traditional ones.

One of the most common is the use of non-ferrous metal sheets. They can be riveted or screwed to the wall easily and a touch of brass, bronze, or copper will give your entire kitchen a brand new look.

Are you ready to step out of the ordinary? Try looking at materials to see what ends up inspiring you.

2. New Countertops

Countertops make up the majority of a kitchen’s aesthetic. Dull ones will leave the whole room looking off, no matter what else you have going on decoration-wise.

There are a ton of materials out there, and not all of them are prohibitively expensive.

You could always opt for marble or granite, which are high quality and durable, so ideal for a rental property. They can be hard on the pocketbook, however.

Some cheaper alternatives are Quartz (which is an engineered stone, not the crystal), soapstone, or even butcher block. The latter is particularly interesting, being a high-quality wooden counter that you can cut on directly.

3. Appliance Organization

One thing that many of us lack, no matter how great the rest of our kitchen looks, is a good way to organize our appliances. Many times they just sit out or get stuffed in a drawer.

If you want to make your kitchen easier to use, then you may want to go after your appliances with a firm idea in mind. Place those that are meant to work together… well, together. 

Find places to store the Panini press in the cabinets. Keep your latte machine in the corner with the coffee stuff. Get your crockpots and cookware lined up and ready to go in overhead storage.

It may not change the look of your kitchen dramatically, but you can definitely make it easier to use. Best of all? This one’s free!

4. Refinish Your Cabinets

Refinishing cabinets isn’t as hard as you’d think. Most of the expert work in creating them goes into making sure the frames and doors match well. Tighter tolerances during fabrication mean better cabinets.

But the skin on the cabinets? Most of us can handle that.

It’s time-consuming, but pulling down the doors and stripping them isn’t hard. You can then stain them, paint them, or even add new trim as long as you’ve got basic hand tools in the garage.

Just make sure you don’t lose any of the screws. That can lead to a serious headache when you’re putting your fabulous new doors back up.

5. Drapes and Window Treatments

While most of our ideas are drastic and may require some DIY skills, adding new drapes or changing the window treatments is a great way to get a refreshing new look at your kitchen.

Drapes can be a make-or-break kitchen feature, depending on your windows. Find some that suit your taste and any other decor in the room, just replacing standard white window blinds with something a little more personal is a huge difference.

It also doesn’t require much work. Simply switch things out on the curtain rod. At worst you’ll need to level new mounts for the rod, which can be done in a few minutes regardless of your level of experience.

Just that for a drastic shift in looks? Add a touch of personality in just a couple of hours, you’ll be surprised at the difference that it makes. Just be sure to invest in some no-scratch spray to ward off your feline friends.

6. Window Herb Gardens

House plants are great, but they don’t do anything.

How about being able to grab fresh sprigs of rosemary and basil leaves… while you cook? Many people have learned the value of keeping an herb garden right inside their window… or even in a hanging planter outside of one which can be accessed.

A few pots, some soil, and a drainage tray can make a huge difference. The added splash of green doesn’t hurt either!

If you’ve got the room and a window which faces the appropriate way… well, it’s one of the best uses of counter space around. According to plant & gardening professional Pol Bishop, southern facing is ideal, providing plants with 6 to 8 hours of light throughout the day.

Changing Your Kitchen Up

This year there’s bound to be time to handle things you haven’t considered before. Changing up your kitchen is dependent on what you’re willing to do, but if you’re willing to act on your ideas you’re looking at a game-changer. Our kitchens are often much more than just where we make food, shouldn’t you begin to make your kitchen something that shows off your taste?

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