6 Great Ways To Create the Ultimate Backyard for Summer

Looking for ways to have fun this summer? Upgrade your backyard into the ultimate destination for summer fun by adding some fun features to your property. Here are six great ideas that will transform your backyard from a bore to a blast this summer!

Add a Playground

If you have young children, a playground is an excellent backyard addition that will maximize summer fun. You can purchase a complete playground kit with the general items you need to create this fun feature, or, you could create an even better playground by designing your own. Surprise your children with interesting features like a mini rock-climbing wall, monkey bars or even the classic tire swing. Since safety will surely be a concern, apply loose fill material such as soft mulch, shredded rubber or crumb rubber to cushion falls and keep your children safe.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

For the ultimate in outdoor entertainment luxury, build a fully equipped kitchen in your backyard. Start by planning a layout that fits the available space for your kitchen. Be sure to include space in your design for all of the appliances you think you’ll need. As you go about designing your new kitchen space, choose materials that are not only durable, but also match well with the overall exterior appearance of your home. Building an outdoor kitchen is a serious home renovation, so it’s best to consult help from a professional designer to help you create the best solution for your needs.

Install an Inground Pool

When you think of summer fun, your mind goes back to the days of enjoying a relaxing swim in a cool pool. Create fun summer memories for you and your family by building your very own inground pool in your backyard! You’ll want to include plenty of fun features like a water slide or diving board to add some excitement to your new pool. Surprisingly, inground pool cost is more affordable than you think. Consult with professional pool installers to design and build the perfect pool that the entire family will enjoy!

Refresh the Landscaping

You and your family want to enjoy your outdoor activities in an environment filled with natural beauty, so it’s a great idea to keep your landscaping in good shape. Go beyond the basics of keeping the lawn trimmed and planting colorful flowers by creating interesting landscape features. Construct small water features like ponds and fountains to serve as unique focal points throughout your grounds. Your green thumb and aesthetic tastes will be sure to wow your family and all of your guests!

Add Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can really set the mood for any space, inside your home or outside. Install lighting throughout your property to highlight interesting landscape features, create lighted paths that will lead you through your grounds and shine a light on your deck or patio. Outdoor lighting will allow you to continue all your outdoor activities late into the night and will act as an important safety feature as you and your guests navigate about your property.

Renew Decks and Patios

If you’re lucky enough to have a deck or patio in your backyard, you’ll want to refresh these areas before summer hits. Give your deck a refresher by applying a new coat of stain, followed by a sealant that will protect the wood for years to come. If you have a concrete patio, apply a colored stain or pattern to turn a plain old concrete slab from dull to dazzling. For finishing touches, purchase new outdoor furniture or renew your old furniture to provide plenty of comfortable seating options for all your gatherings.

Summer is quickly approaching. Add these fun options to your backyard to produce a summer that your family will never forget. By following these tips, you’ll create your very own customized backyard paradise that will thrill your family and impress your guests!

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