6 Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a big problem for those who suffer from lung conditions such as COPD, asthma, or bronchiectasis. If you suffer from any of the aforementioned or any other lung conditions, it is very important you work as hard as you can to cultivate a better quality of air in your home.

Those with lung conditions are also more likely to spend time indoors to avoid harmful pollution in the air outside. This means the air you breathe indoors must be of good quality, and not affected by smoke, cleaning materials, or mold, all of which are very common indoor pollutants. The air we breathe indoors is often abundant with pollutants, toxins, and allergens, and this page will seek to tell you how you can improve your indoor air quality.

Air Filters

Air filters remove pollutants from the air and are a great asset in fighting mold build-up, airborne bacteria, and allergens. They are similar to an air purifier but different, and it is important that you know the difference when considering buying either. Air filters work by trapping harmful pollutant particles while they pass through the air filter duct. This means that you can ensure the air circulating in your home is of good quality and is not riddled with harmful pollutants and chemicals. Air filters are often part of a larger HVAC system and come with many air conditioning units. They are a very beneficial tool in removing harmful pollutants from your home and should be something that everybody invests in.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers, however, work to reduce the symptoms of those who suffer from seasonal allergies, as well as preventing asthma flare-ups. Toxins, allergens, and pollutants are everywhere in our homes, and when we sit down, touch things, or move things, they are disturbed and become airborne; the use of an air purifier can help to prevent this. Air purifiers trap the airborne particles so that you do not inhale them, thereby reducing your likelihood of an allergic reaction. When used in combination with an air filter, an air purifier can be very beneficial, and can seriously reduce symptoms of allergy, asthma, or other conditions. Air purifiers can also come as part of an HVAC system, or come as standalone machines. Many dehumidifiers, which will be mentioned later, come with built-in air purifiers.

Open a Window

While it may seem rather obvious, opening your windows can serve as a good way to remove pollutants from the air. By creating a flow of air through your home, pollutants will be drawn outside. Fresh air is usually a good way of cultivating a better quality of air. However, if you live in an inner-city, you may want to think twice, as there is the potential of bringing in harmful chemicals and toxins with the outdoor air, from car exhausts, chimneys, and machinery. If you live farther away from all of these things, then fresh air is certainly something you need in your home!


Dehumidifiers are used to remove humidity in a room. Humidity can be a very big problem and can make living in your home insufferable. Humidity makes the room feel damp, warm, and horrible. Using a dehumidifier will remove humidity from the air and allow you to breathe properly. Humidity can cause a tight chest and can cause flare-ups in asthma or other lung conditions. Dehumidifiers do not often cost a lot of money and can come as part of an HVAC system. If you allow humidity to build up in your home, you risk mold growth also, which can make your breathing much worse, and can be very dangerous.

Buy Plants

Plants are a way that you can improve the quality of the air in your home. Plants oxygenate the air, and on top of that, provide a therapeutic and relaxed living space.

Plants should be something everybody has in their homes and having them can ensure your air quality is high. You should make sure you do not bring plants you may be allergic to into your home, however, as they will release allergens and make your lung conditions worse.

Clean Your AC Unit

Not cleaning your air conditioning unit can directly contribute to poor air quality; your air conditioning unit’s filter will accumulate dirt, grime, and mold, and if you do not clean it regularly, your AC will distribute air filled with the aforementioned toxins and pollutants. Your AC unit must be kept in pristine condition.

Now you know a few ways that you can improve the overall quality of the air that you breathe in your home. Following these instructions should give you a better quality of air, and a better quality of life. Breathe happily.

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