5 Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Appeal

Maintaining an appealing home requires more than consistent cleaning and the ability to keep your space free from clutter. When you want to truly refresh your home’s appeal while making it feel new again, there are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you get involved with a home improvement project.

Touch Up Chips and Paint

Purchasing new furniture and decor is not always affordable and can quickly add up in costs. With new coats of paint and fixing chips found in decor and furniture, make your space feel brand new again for a fraction of the cost required to replace your belongings altogether.

Update Your Furniture Upholstery

New furnishings are often expensive and not always possible when you have a strict household budget. Rather than investing in entirely new furniture, consider updating and replacing current upholstery that is already in place. Updated upholstery is a great way to introduce a new look, and feel into rooms throughout your home without investing in brand new furniture.

When you are in the market for new upholstery, it is possible to find solutions by seeking out a professional company or by selecting and cutting your own fabric using the material of your choice. Get creative with fabric when selecting new designs on your own to bring any vision you have for a room in your home to life.

Lighting and Fixtures

Adding new lighting and replacing old fixtures is a great way to create a living area that is refreshing and appealing. Add new lighting to create a dramatic difference in a space using both mood lighting and bright lights, depending on the look you want to create.

Replace old fixtures throughout your home with more modern and stylish alternatives. Consider classic white, steel, or even bronze fixtures to set the mood for any space you are redecorating and remodeling. Choose funky fixture designs with themed bathrooms or playrooms for children to add pizazz with a new and unique look.

Use a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are extremely beneficial when you want to make your home feel refreshed and brand new. Use a carpet cleaner at least twice a year to refresh your home’s carpeted areas while also eliminating the buildup of dust and dirt which contribute to the wear and tear of your flooring. Using a carpet cleaner is a way to extend the life of your home’s carpet which is essential when you have a household of children and pets. A home with heavy traffic requires a deep carpet clean at least twice a year to maintain a fresh and new look for years or even decades.

Get Creative With New DIY Decor

One way to save on costs while refreshing your home’s look is to get creative with DIY decor projects. Consider making your own wall art with paint, resin, or even mixed media. DIY art allows you to create a space that is uniquely your own and not available anywhere else.

Visit local thrift stores for steep discounts on home decor items such as lamps, vases, and storage units that can be decorated or refurbished. Browse websites such as Pinterest to discover new DIY projects and crafts that are most appealing to your sense of style and the type of aesthetic you want to implement in your home.

Purchase items at craft stores to sew your own pillows, curtains, and throw blankets. Craft stores are also great to visit if you are feeling less than inspired or if you simply want to discover new project ideas that fit well with your home’s current design.

Taking action around the home to refresh its look and appeal is not only a way to create a desirable space for guests, but it also provides you with a living space that is welcoming and inviting. Consider installing water features or custom pools in Prosper to make your space more relaxing and enjoyable.  With the right tips and tricks, refresh your home’s appeal and livability on any budget.


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