5 Ways to Dog-Proof Your Garden

If you were a dog, you’d probably hate the idea of spending most time of the day locked inside the house, when there’s so much to do and explore outside. That’s why many people allow their furry friends to freely roam around the garden during the day. What could go wrong?

Having a pet and a beautiful garden is all fun and games, until you realise that you need to protect your garden from the pet, and also protect your pet from the possible hazardous and poisonous things in the garden. So, finding ways to dog-proof your yard is essential if you want to keep a healthy pet and a blooming garden.

1. Protect your crops

Imagine waking up after a nap and seeing your happy-go-lucky dog has entered your vegetable garden, dug through your potatoes, and now is happily playing with a red ball called tomato. You’re at the verge of tears, feeling desperate and not knowing what to do. But don’t punish your fur-ball. It’s your fault you haven’t placed a fence to protect your garden.

So, instead of whining and yelling, consider placing a chicken fence to protect your crop from your cute little pest. In case your dog likes to dig elsewhere, like on the unprotected soil, place a couple of bricks 5 cm under the surface. Your four-legged friend will think twice before digging there again. Instead of using strict discipline, make a play space that is safe for your fur baby away from your vegetables. Build a sandbox for your dog and fill it with toys. It’s an intact area where your fluffy companion can release its wild side.

2. Careful fertilisation

Every garden at one point or another needs fertilisation if you want your crops to grow from the fertile land. That’s why gardeners tend to use various kinds of fertilisers on their crops and lawn.

But many pet owners forget that fertilisers can be poisonous for their beloved fur babies. As many pets are inquisitive, they tend to sniff around the smells they are unfamiliar with. So, even though cocoa bean mulch and fish meal are more or less natural, they have toxic effects on dogs causing seizures and vomiting. On the other hand, manure and seaweed are safe for pets. So, choose your fertilisers carefully.

3. Plant cleverly

Who doesn’t like to relax in the garden on a warm Sunday morning? Surely your dog will enjoy sunbathing while you read a book in the shade. But keep in mind that dogs can also overheat in the sun. That’s why you need to make sure your yard has plenty of shady spots for your canine to take a break from the heat. Plant a lot of trees to make sure your lovely pup has a lot of space to hide from the rays.

On the other hand, you need to be careful when planting flowers and plants. Believe it or not, some types of flowers can be poisonous for pets if digested. So, make sure your dogs are safe by not planting plants such as azaleas, bluebells, daffodils, mistletoe, etc. Even though most flowers and plants are not interesting for pets, lots of curious puppies in the rush of a destructive moment chew on everything while you’re not looking.

4. Place a fence around your yard

Just like you stretch after sitting in one spot for a long time, dogs like to run around like crazy. It’s called zoomies. Sometimes they launch themselves across the room or run through the door and continue their craziness in the yard. However, it’s not unusual that they forget the space safe for them is limited, and that they shouldn’t run off too far.

To prevent that, install a tall fence around your yard. Make sure it doesn’t have holes in it, so your beloved pet can’t slip through. But sneaky as they are, dogs can find various ways to escape the fenced yard. In cases like these, make sure your dogs have collars on at all times. Don’t forget to attach personalised pet id tags to the collars for instant recognition and additional safety. ID tags should contain all the necessary information like the name, owner’s number, address, and pet’s medical needs. Even if your dog gets lost, with pet ID tag you’ll be able to return it home in no time.

5. Clean out your yard

For aesthetic and safety purposes, clean yard is the best. As nobody likes to sit in a landfill, throwing out the old unused furniture and rubbish you no longer need, is essential. To make your yard as neat as possible, regularly trim your plants.

But besides looking gorgeous, your garden needs to be safe for pets and children. Make sure that dangerous chemicals are safely stored out of reach. Besides that, any foreign objects such as metal wires and nails should be put aside, if not thrown away, as they are a major choking hazard. Ensure your trash bins are stable and can’t be knocked over by a curious dog.


Dog-proofing your yard doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of the garden. You can have a happy pet and a blooming, fruitful garden at the same time. The only thing you need to take care of is the safety of your fluffy companion, so be careful while planting herbs and fertilising them. Placing a tall fence around your yard can keep your pet secure and your garden beautiful.

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