5 trendy flooring ideas for your home to give it a modern look in 2020

A plain white floor is the least intimidating feature in a home – until you decide to redo it. At first, it’s ‘OMG so exciting!’ But when you get to it, you realize choosing a floor is, um… quite daunting!

The variety of options is overwhelming. A layman has little idea of what will look best, and also, stay in style. But, you’ll be able to make sense of things once you familiarize yourself with the latest flooring ideas.

Attractive and functional floor materials are the essentials for creating stylish and elegant floor designs. When it comes to choosing a floor design for your home, the biggest considerations for the owners is to choose a design that can incite a modern look of their house. An elegant flooring not only elevates the interior of a home but also bring coziness inside.

In case you are stuck and feel your brain cells will likely blow up, we are here to help you out. Our interior design gurus have rounded a list of flooring trends that will rock this year.

Without further ado, let’s check out the hottest flooring trends of 2020.

  1. Fumed Wooden Flooring – Rich Color and Grain

Fumed, or smoked oak is the wood, treated to change its color. The process dates back to the start of the twentieth century when the original discovery was made in horse stables. It involves exposing the oak in an enclosed environment with ammonia introduced in the atmosphere.

The wood changes its color in this container—the hues obtained from this process range from rich brown to black. There are factors like the type of wood, external environment, and the climate within the container that play a part in the final color. Generally, smoking brings a rich dark tone and enhances the natural grain of the wood.

People usually confuse the smoking process with the one where ammonia is directly applied to the oak. But they are not the same. The application of liquid ammonia directly on the wood weakens its structure and damage the wood. Contrary to this, the process of fuming the oak wood checks-off all such flaws.

And the final look is much more sophisticated than stained wood flooring.

  1. Vinyl Plank Flooring – Durable and Waterproof

Vinyl plank resembles the hardwood, and it is available in strips. It is available in several styles, so you can choose the one that goes with your overall home décor.

Additionally, vinyl planks are a budget-friendly choice for renovators who want the look of hardwood, without spending a fortune. The best part is, they are all waterproof, low-maintenance, and scratch-resistant.

According to Nikki Watson, owner of the Design Quad, a home staging, design, and flooring firm in Dallas, Waterproof vinyl floors are overtaking lamination in the flooring industry.

You can easily add it over the subfloor. Given its water-resistance quality, you can use it for bathroom and kitchen flooring too. The material is long-lasting and can work for up to 20 years.

  1. Vintage Black & White – Bold and Customized

Vintage is always about nostalgia. It carries a warmth you can’t find in any other color. In 2020, the memories of the past always serve to be a steady source of comfort. It doesn’t have to be the chess-style patterns. In fact, black and white tiles are popping in a variety of styles these days.

These include the transitional styles and modern farmhouses, says Julie Chrissis, a Boston-based home stager, and interior designer.

These floors make an excellent pairing when teamed with stylish fittings that feature matt black metals. However, the material options for achieving an exuberant look are wide and varied. It largely depends upon your choice of patterns. No wonder, every home with black & white tile looks unique and bolder than the other.

  1. Rugs for flooring – Simple and Sustainable

When it comes to flooring, nothing matches the aesthetics of rugs. They bring everything back to basics, keeping it simple and natural.

Rugs are one of the most widely-used flooring designs. Over time, their popularity has not diminished. The coziness and design of the rugs create an alleviating luxury most people look for. When it comes to choosing a carpet, you will never run out of options.

They come in different types such as nylon, polyester, wool, olefin, etc. You can match your rugs with the paint on the wall. However, you can also create an elegant combination by getting rugs and furniture of the same color.

Getting your floor carpeted is a delicate task, and you have to keep in mind the dimensions of your room. You will have to cut the rug according to the size of your room. However, cutting the rugs leave sharp edges that are needed to be sealed.

The process of sealing or finishing those edges is called ‘rug binding.’ It is essential to give your rug flooring a finished look. Therefore you need help from professional flooring services that offer rug binding.

They will finish off the edges by wrapping a fabric strip or cotton thread on the sides. There is a variety of color and finishing material to choose from, and you can get it done according to your liking.

The price of binding varies, based on the finishing material and dimensions of your carpet. If you have got new rugs for your home, you will need to check in with a local flooring company to get an estimate for rug binding.

For example, if you live in North Carolina and have recently got your floor carpeted, you can find a flooring company that offers rug-binding service in your area by doing a Google search like “rug binding in North Carolina.“

The flooring service will come to your house, take the measurements of your rooms, and based on that; they will give you a cost estimate.

  1. Stained Concrete – Polished and Luxurious

With the slick appearance and distinct texture, stained concrete floors appealingly anchor looks from ordinary to classic. Such floors are a perfect choice for homes with kids, pets, and allergic individuals. It does not collect fur, dust mites, and moisture.

The ability of stained concrete to give your abode a custom look makes it a top choice for many users. There are unlimited design options in this flooring. You can easily customize its design to match or complement other surfaces and color schemes of your home.

Concrete experts, nowadays, ply their artistry by drawing from a palette of different patterns, finishes, and textures to enhance a stained concrete floor’s impact. An important trait to remember is, stained concrete is susceptible to scratches. Users must laminate it with floor wax and keep the surface free of debris/dust.

Parting Thoughts

Designing a home of your dreams depends on you making the right, artistic choice at every turn. From walls, furniture, and flooring – everything must fall in a perfect line.

Flooring has significant importance in the overall style of your house. Instead of following the trends, pick an option that is stylish and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Don’t forget to drop down pictures of the final look!

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