5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

We all have different tastes when it comes to interior design styles. There are many different styles that one can choose from. Out of all these styles, there are those that are more popular than others. If you are wondering which interior design concepts are popular, then take a moment and read through this article.


Modern design is a broad term that interior designers use to describe a home with different features. This design is popular with many people and some of its common features are:

  • It best works within small spaces because it tends to make small spaces appear bigger than they are.
  • It keeps things simple in that it minimizes the use of excessive accessories and decorations.
  • Modern design incorporates clean line design into homes.
  • The color theme is usually natural or neutral.
  • The design focuses on simplicity in every aspect of modern home designs, even the furniture.

Modern style is a sleek style that helps to minimize clutter or accessories in any building. If you are a student and you have an essay on interior design, you can get help. EssayZoo can help you with it.


When you think of industrial design, what comes to your mind? Which picture do you have in your thoughts? Is it something appealing or is it a turn-off? As the name implies, industrial style homes get their taste and inspiration from a warehouse or urban loft. This design brings out a touch of unfinished work in many of its elements. It is not a surprise to see bricks, wood and ductwork in the open. If you want to create an iconic home with an industrial design, then you have to renovate a loft from a former industrial building. The design uses high ceilings and open plan design in order to create space. Modern style uses unique objects like ladders as non-functional features. This design is growing in popularity with time. This is because it creates designs that are unique and stand out from the rest.


Designers from Essaybasics.com reports that many people confuse contemporary interior design with modern design despite the fact that there are major differences between the two. The contemporary interior design incorporates different interior design styles but the modern design remains almost the same as it was in the 20th century. Contemporary design is usually simple and bare but it is very bold and incorporates a touch of bright color.

Geometrical shapes and objects that are clean and smooth are important to this design. Curvy lines are also common in this design. Space that seems to be negative is important in this design. The furniture has to be custom-built in order to blend well with the design.


This design draws its inspiration from the simple life of the Nordic people and their homes. If you look at Scandinavian furniture, it looks like works of art despite the fact that it is simple and modest. The furniture has functionality and it has interesting lines that bring out a touch of sculpture influence. Color palettes of wood, grey, white and black are another common characteristic of this type of design. Natural elements like wide plank flooring, bright plastics, steel and form-pressed wood are common features of this design. The use of natural fiber throws or furs, art and unique single pieces of furniture brings about pops of color. Another key character of Scandinavian design is that it uses fewer accessories, functional furniture and it is very spacious.


The minimalist interior design concept is popular in Australia and many other countries. This style of interior design borrows ideas from modern interior design and simplifies them. You can see simplicity all over in this style. The interior design style uses natural colors that create a balance between coolness and warmth. Minimalist design uses furniture that is simple and has a streamline. There is minimal use of accessories and décor, it is not excessive. In the end, we can define minimalist design by summarizing its concepts to functionality and clean lines.

Darren Barden, a writing coach at WriteMyEssayForMe says that there are many different styles of interior design and different people love different styles. Therefore, if you want to have a good grasp of design ideas then it is important you understand design fundamentals. From there, you will be able to identify different design styles and even come with one for your own home. It may be a modern classical interior, industrial or whichever pleases you.

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