5 Key Tips for Creating the Backyard Landscape of Your Dreams

Looking for ways to improve your home’s outdoor spaces? There are some things every backyard must have in order to make it an inviting spot for outdoor fun and relaxation. Here are five key tips to follow as you create the backyard landscape of your dreams.

  1. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Sprucing up your home’s landscaping is one of the first steps you should take to improve the look and feel of your backyard. Depending upon the condition of your outdoor spaces, this can be a job you can do yourself, or it may be best to hire a professional landscaping service. Start by removing all debris, including unhealthy shrubs and any tree stumps. Then, focus on making your lawn lush and green. Look at your lawn as the “carpet” of your backyard – it’s important to keep it trimmed and fed with eco-friendly fertilizer to give you and your family an attractive and healthy place to enjoy nature. Finally, plant climate-appropriate flowers throughout your property to add touches of color, creating a welcoming environment that your family will be sure to appreciate.

  1. Add a Pool

When it comes to taking your backyard entertaining potential to the next level, there’s nothing quite like installing a beautiful in-ground pool. Professional pool construction in Las Vegas will assist you in designing and constructing the refreshing swimming pool of your dreams. There are so many creative ways to design your pool. If aesthetics is your focus, pool upgrades like an infinity edge, pool grotto and a waterfall will give your pool a unique look. Don’t forget to add fun features like a waterslide or a pool volleyball net. For the finishing touch, include an automatic pool cover in your design to properly protect your pool during every season. With your new swimming pool, your backyard will become a haven for outdoor fun and play!

  1. Construct a Patio

If your backyard doesn’t have a patio, you and your family are seriously missing out on the ways in which a patio can enhance your outdoor entertaining options. Patios are great spots for hosting backyard barbecues or just for use as a general hangout space. Instead of installing a simple concrete slab patio, make your backyard unique by constructing an irregular flagstone patio. Irregular flagstone gives any hardscape areas a more natural, yet luxurious, appearance. Place some comfortable outdoor furniture on your new patio, including seating and even a dinette set, and you’ll set the stage for plenty of outdoor family gatherings.

  1. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Planning on hosting parties in your backyard? It may be a good idea to build a full outdoor kitchen in your updated backyard. You’ll want to develop a layout that works best with the ways you envision using your new cooking space. Do you think you’ll host a lot of backyard barbecues? If so, design your kitchen layout around a built-in grill with all the bells and whistles. Thinking of hosting more sophisticated gatherings? You can’t go wrong by building a full outdoor bar, complete with a sink, outdoor wine refrigerator and a kegerator. Having an outdoor kitchen will allow you to remain a part of the party as you prepare food for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Install Outdoor Lighting

Because you’ve spent so much time and effort to meticulously recreate your backyard, it’s important to show off your hard work at any time of day. Develop an outdoor lighting strategy that properly highlights your backyard’s unique features, including architectural details and interesting landscaping. Uplighting, a strategy that primarily uses spotlights, is great for bathing your home and landscaping in light, whereas downlighting is an ideal lighting strategy to install under your home’s eaves, giving your ground and hardscape the attractive look of dappled light. Play around with your outdoor lighting and you’ll find the proper lighting placement that works best for your property.

Don’t wait to get started on these improvements that will allow you and your family to fully enjoy your landscaping. Follow these tips and watch the potential of your backyard truly bloom!

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