5 Ideal Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Shopping for a new garage door to install in your commercial property? Well, that could be one tough task if you don’t know what to look for. To make sure you don’t spend too much time going to and from hardware stores and wasting your money on wrong purchases, create a checklist that gets you the right product. Be sure to include size, budget, design, and material.

Take a new garage door installation as an opportunity to give your commercial property a facelift in a cost-effective way. Aside from improving your exterior’s curb appeal, the correct door product will also get you great insulation benefits and high investment returns.

Choose a commercial garage door depending on the business you do and the necessary functions of the door. Look at these five ideal options when making your decision.


Automated garage doors

Nowadays, automated garage doors are already being used in homes—well, for those who can afford it. Automated or electric doors have first become popular in commercial applications like offices, schools, malls, and market centers. Other than its easy operation, it also enhances security with a closer-timer feature. It’s the perfect garage door solution for localized businesses that keep plenty of stock inside.

The remote control feature of automated garage doors provides superior protection against burglars, trying to gain entry to your commercial property. Compared to a manual system, automated doors require less time and money on maintenance.


Sectional steel garage doors

Sectional steel garage doors are designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. They are the ideal option for warehouses or transportation docks that experience high volumes of vehicle traffic. Depending on the requirements of your commercial door installation, you can choose between an insulated or uninsulated sectional steel door.

Other popular features of a sectional steel garage door include compact operation, high security, and automation option. This door is also very easy to maintain and can stand up well against harsh weather conditions.


High-speed garage doors

As its name suggests, this commercial door performs at higher speeds, opening and closing in a matter of seconds. High-speed garage doors usually come with a pressure-resistant design and robust safety features, which make them the best choice for running your commercial facility efficiently and securely.

If you need to regulate indoor temperature, a garage door that opens and closes quickly can help minimize the risk of heat sneaking in or out. High-speed doors’ tight seal, wind resistance, and durability also contribute to its energy efficiency.


Sectional aluminum garage doors

The key designs of sectional aluminum garage doors include aesthetics, visual access, and light infiltration. It’s an attractive solution for your commercial and industrial applications. The customization options for a sectional aluminum garage door are endless. You can choose from an array of door sizes, frame finishes, and relevant features, including weather resistance. While sectional aluminum garage doors are built from a lighter, non-corrosive material, they are still reasonably durable for commercial use.


Rolling garage doors

Also known as coiling garage doors, this garage door option rolls up overhead and is usually automated. It is ideal for situations where there is less space for a side room and headroom; a space-saving alternative to sectional garage doors. To satisfy your working and aesthetic requirements, rolling garage doors are also available with a broad range of slat profiles and curtain materials and colors.

With its fair operation, rolling doors are fit for any business that sees a huge number of workers or customers day in and day out like hotels and healthcare facilities.


Commercial garage doors generally differ from residential garage doors in appearance, height and width, opening capacity, materials, and value. The type of business you run is a primary determining factor when deciding what garage door product to choose.

If the line of garage doors in your local hardware store does not meet your working demands and requirements, don’t hesitate to partner with well-known industry professionals to help you find the perfect door.


Mark J. is a Garage Door Expert who’s been working for canadian garage door repair Calgary for 12 years. When he’s off duty, he likes to share his ideas and knowledge with others.


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