5 Tips To Protect Your Home

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With increasingly frequent burglaries, it becomes essential to take an interest in the various mechanisms to ensure the security of your house. To eliminate the risk of intrusion, it is necessary, if not indispensable, to install effective protection systems within your home, but also to adopt the right actions on a daily basis. In the trade, you can find a multitude of modes of security. Your choice will depend on your accommodation, your budget and your preferences. Whether you live in an apartment or an individual pavilion, you will definitely find the ideal option among those listed below.

Install an alarm

Alarms are among the most common systems used to protect a home. It is proved that this accessory scares burglars in 95% of attempted intrusion. This mode of security includes sensors or detectors warning you, by an audible signal, of unusual movements. There are also modern video surveillance systems that are directly connected to the control center (at the monitoring service provider) and that incorporate cameras to view the recorded images. Dummy cameras and stickers mentioning the security of the house are often sufficient to put off a possible intruder.


Equip your home with an armoured door

To ensure the safety of your home during your absence, install an armoured door. It is reinforced with three-point protection and stands out for its durability. Two-in-one, this element provides both access and thermal insulation as well as soundproofing. Existing in different finishes, the armored door integrates perfectly with the design of your home while guaranteeing its protection. However, optimize indoor air renewal by letting your shutters open from time to time.

Complicate access to your home

Besides the door, most burglars also go through a window to access the dwelling. Thus, it is essential to place specific and quality locks on these openings. Do not forget to install fences or decorative bars with an average thickness of 18 mm on the windows facing the street or easily accessible. For even more safety, plant roses, cactus or stinging plants around outdoor accesses.

Stay discreet

If you are going for a long time like a trip abroad or vacation, never mention your absence. Do not let anything betray you, especially the house plunged into the dark with shutters closed, lights off. The ideal solution would be to arrange with a neighbor who will pick up the mail that clogs up or will water the plants. You also have the option of installing a programmer that will turn on the light at fixed times.

Buy home insurance

To guarantee the security of your property in the event of damage caused by third parties, it is recommended to subscribe in advance to a home insurance. You can choose the formula that suits you particularly for the covered goods. The cost of this insurance will depend on the options in the contract such as applicable deductibles or warranty limits. You can seek advice from a broker or use an insurance comparator to choose the formula that suits your needs.


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