5 Best Home Renovation Tips for Summer

Looking to boost your home’s entertainment potential this summer? By making some home improvements, you can turn your home into a place that your family will never want to leave. Here are the five best home renovation tips to help your family enjoy life this summer!

  1. Install a Pool

When it comes to summer fun, there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in a beautiful pool. If you install an inground pool in your yard, you and your family can experience these fun moments anytime you wish. Consult with pool professionals to design a pool that will fit the needs of your family. You’d be surprised at just how reasonable inground pool prices really are – you’ll have room in your budget for plenty of fun features like a water slide and even an attached whirlpool tub. Keep the fun going into the evenings by adding plenty of outdoor lighting around your pool, and keep your pool secure by installing appropriate fencing or an automatic pool cover. In no time, your new pool will be your family’s favorite spot for outdoor adventure and fun!

  1. Build a Fire Pit

Imagine cozy summer evenings spent in the company of family and friends around a warm fire. Sounds great, right? If you install a fire pit in your backyard, you can enjoy these fun gatherings each evening. You can construct a simple fire pit from bricks or concrete pavers or consult with designers to build a more permanent fire pit, complete with a comfortable seating area. You’ll want to consider whether a traditional wood-burning fire pit works best for your needs, or if you’d rather have a fire pit fueled by natural gas. Whichever option you choose, your new fire pit will turn even the blandest backyard into a cheerful and inviting gathering space.

  1. Create a Home Theater

On days when the weather gets too hot, what better way to escape the heat indoors than by enjoying an exciting movie in your own home theater? It’s easy to create a home theater – all you really need is an impressive television or a projector and a screen with an equally-impressive sound system. In addition, you’ll want to make your entertainment space comfortable by incorporating some plush theater seating into the design of the room. Add a popcorn machine and a soda fountain to complete the look. Your family will enjoy having a special spot to enjoy favorite films and shows!

  1. Build a Playground

If you have young children in your family, it’s a great idea to build a playground in your backyard. You can build a playground from a kit, but these playgrounds are fairly standard and may not have the special equipment that your kids will want. Instead, go the DIY route and build a playground from scratch, customizing it for your children. Ask your kids what they would like to see in a playground, from slides to swings and everything in between. Put safety first and apply loose fill, such as rubber pieces or mulch, around your new play area to provide a soft surface for your kids to run, jump and play!

  1. Construct an Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to host backyard dinner parties or picnics with your family and friends this summer, you can’t do it properly without an outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen is a complex project, but it’s one that will give you great enjoyment this summer and for years to come. As you design your new kitchen space, choose appliances that will make outdoor cooking a breeze. Include an outdoor refrigerator, built-in grill and maybe even an outdoor pizza oven in your plans. With your new cooking space, you’ll be able to entertain in style.

Dedicate this summer to having fun with your family. By following these tips and making these renovations, you’ll maximize your home’s entertaining potential and take full advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

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