4 Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

Spring is nearly here, and your outdoor area might be in need of a makeover. After the harsh autumn and winter, it’s likely that your deck isn’t quite in tip-top condition. The rain and snow tend to do that to wooden elements, so it’s not much of a surprise. Luckily, this is the perfect time to take a look at your deck and see what needs fixing. There are a few things you should focus on before the winter draws to a close. Here’s the most important stuff.

1. Thoroughly cleaning up

Before you can get to spring cleaning, you need to start cleaning up for spring itself. It’s advisable that you thoroughly scrub and wash your deck to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated throughout the autumn. Those heavy rains have probably left their mark here and there.

It might seem like a simple task at first, but you really need to be meticulous with your cleaning. It might be easier to just leave the furniture where it is and only clean around the grill, but this will only delay the inevitable. You have to get the whole deck in order for the next step.

2. Staining does wonders

Once you’ve cleaned up and left the deck to dry, it might be time to think about staining the wood that it’s made of. Getting the right stain won’t just give some extra shimmer and shine to your deck, it will also help preserve it. Staining keeps the wooden construction healthy and prevents UV rays from slowly deteriorating it throughout the year. It should be prepped just in time for the spring when the sun normally starts to come out again.

Staining is especially useful for keeping out moisture. It’s going to keep the wood from rotting or developing mould growths as the rain and snow keep pouring on. If you feel like your deck shouldn’t change its look, a transparent stain would be the ideal choice. Should the deck be a bit damaged or scratched here and there, an opaque stain might be the better option. Keep in mind, the darker the stain, the better the protection.

3. Adding some shade

Speaking of UV protection, you might want to make sure your deck keeps you safe from the harsh spring and summer sun. Once the nicer weather arrives, it won’t be long before you get sick of the heat, so might as well keep your deck on the cooler side.

There are many shading options that you can choose from. You can create some shade of your own by installing a fixed parasol on your deck. However, this might not be versatile enough or cover enough ground to be practical. Installing a pergola above it could do the trick. Find a design that you like from Pioneer Shade and see if it fits well with your patio. A pergola can be pretty versatile, especially when coupled with mobile shading options that would allow you to let the sun in when you need it.

4. Renovating damaged portions

Sometimes, a simple clean and stain simply won’t do the trick. Your deck might be damaged from years, or even decades of harsh weather. If there’s apparent structural damage, a full renovation might be in order.

The good news is that winter is the best time for home renovations, especially when it comes to outdoor elements. This is because certain types of wood are more vulnerable to moisture and sunlight, and these types are often used in deck construction. Pressure-treated wood is tough and durable, but it needs to be installed under delicate circumstances. Fixing up your deck before spring would be ideal. Focus on replacing any faulty structural elements, as they are crucial for safety. The individual cracked planks can be taken care of or covered later on.


That’s pretty much it when it comes to deck preparation. This spring might just prove to be the coziest one in a while, especially if you have a functional and attractive deck that you can enjoy throughout the season. Being able to have your morning coffee on a fresh and rejuvenated deck is going to feel marvellous, so make sure you get to it before springtime.

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