3 common AC problems and here is how to fix them

During the summertime, an air conditioner becomes a much-needed commodity. However, there is no use of having an air conditioner fixed on your wall if it does not work correctly.

Even the best of the air conditioners can go out of order all of a sudden. That’s where, as a homeowner, you have to act smart. If you overlook a small maintenance issue in your air conditioner, it could turn out to be something big and cost you a decent amount. Can afford to be ignorant of the primary AC repairs? You can’t.

If you have no idea about an AC’s most common problems and how to fix them, this piece will do a world of good to you:

  1. Dirty filter

There could be multiple issues with your AC, like your outside AC unit is not working, but inside is, but this is by far the most common issue of any AC. No AC, no matter how superior it may be, can give you the desired temperature with a dirty filter. If your AC filter is getting dirty very frequently, then there could be the following reasons behind it:

  • Are you using a 1-inch pleated air filter? Since the holes of this filter are much smaller than normal ones, they catch everything from big to small muck. You can use a fiberglass filter as the alternative to get rid of this issue
  • Your AC’s fan is left ‘on.’ When the fan is on 24/7, it is more likely to seize the airborne contaminants. Besides, it upscale the electricity bill as well. You can deal with this problem by setting your fan to “auto.”
  • Having furry pets in your house is another reason why your filter becomes dirty very often. In that case, consider installing an advanced air filtration
  • Duct leaks could also be the reason behind cloggy filters. You need to hire a professional to identify the duct leaks and subsequently fix them. Going by the numbers revealed by EnergyStar, you are losing about 20 to 30 percent of conditioned air through leaky ducts


  1. Drainage problems

A leakage is going to affect the efficiency of your AC. But at the same time, it can harm your ceiling, walls and the other stuff that lies around it. So if your AC is going through the leakage issues, you must find out its reasons and try to fix them at the earliest.

Here is what you can do to look after drainage problem:

  • The clogged drain line is amongst the top reasons behind AC leakages. Make it a point to pour vinegar (up to 6 ounces) in the drain line after every few months. It will nib in the bud of algae and fungi which could be blocking the smooth passage
  • Drain pan lies right under the indoor air handler. Inspect whether your AC’s drain pan is rusted or missing. Because if it is missing or not in good shape then it will be tough for the water to drain outside
  • The frozen evaporator coils can also cause leakages. Remember, frozen evaporator coils are the direct offshoot of a clogged air filter. You will not invite leakages if you keep changing the air filter every 30 to 90 days. It would be ideal to set a reminder about replacing the air filter.


  1. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks usually occur due to installation issues. A DIY guy will suggest you add the refrigerant, and the problem will be solved. This may be a popular solution but not an effective one.

The best measure you can take is to invite an HVAC technician and let him guide you on what needs to be done after a thorough examination.  Previously, you could change the refrigerant, but that’s not the case ever since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced R-22 phase-out.

You can still find the refrigerants in local stores. However, most of them don’t subscribe to the standard of EPA. So you must not be tempted to opt for them.

Final thoughts

If you have bought an AC in the recent past, you are quite likely to face these three issues before other problems chip in. Nothing is better than staying on your toes about the upkeep of your AC, yet we have given some healthy guidelines to sail through these crises.

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